IGN: Why Shooters Are Better on Wii

Wii shooters are better than the rest. Full stop. Hopefully you haven't snapped your mouse in rage while reading that. If you have, IGN promises to try and tell you just how and why so that loss won't have been in vain.

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Ninji3142d ago

This article is also saying "Why Shooters will be better on the PS3". After all, Playstation Move will be more accurate than the Wiimote.

tunaks13142d ago

I agree
It goes like this
PC>IR>Dual Analog

EvilTwin3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Pretty much my opinion, too.

Nothing tops a mouse/keyboard. Nothing. But the remote/nunchuck is the next best thing.

Dual analog has always been a gimped scheme for FPS. That's why you hear terms like "aim assist," "auto aim," "sticky aiming," "bullet curving," etc. etc. etc. attached to DA (to be fair, a little tinkering happens in most shooters, it's simply a lot more prevalent in DA schemes just to make the games playable).

But for some odd reason, a lot of people don't know how to frickin' play shooters on Wii. They hold the remote straight out in front them like they're at a demo booth, apparently thinking of the remote as a stand in for a gun. It's not. Think of it as a quasi-mouse, put the remote where you normally put your controller (lap, arm rest, knee), and you're good to go.

That said, I do understand how people more interested in graphical fidelity as a factor in overall "immersion" look to the PS3 or 360. I place a higher premium on controls, but that's just my $0.02.

-Alpha3142d ago

I would agree if any of the Wii shooters matched any of the PS3/360 shooters.

Fact of the matter is that the controller is better for the Wii but games are poorly implemented. This argument will become moot once players can play shooters with the Move IMO.

Mouse will always dominate precision gaming though.

Anon19743142d ago

I found shooters a mess on the Wii. I tried that Medal of Honor game and Metroid and couldn't stand either of them. The second you had to aim at the top or sides of the screen my Wii would always lose my aiming reticle. By the time I got it back on the screen I was always taking damage or simply dead. I only played about an hour of each to decide that it was a waste of money and I never bothered with shooters on my Wii again. Also, I don't need to put my Wii-mote on my shoulder to pretend it's a rocket launcher, or lob my grenade by making a throwing motion, usually ending up throwing my grenade straight at my feet or off god knows where.

Maybe that's just me because both games certainly received decent reviews which is why I bought them, but shooters on the Wii just weren't for me.

Mahr3142d ago

"The second you had to aim at the top or sides of the screen my Wii would always lose my aiming reticle. By the time I got it back on the screen I was always taking damage or simply dead."

This is why all Wii shooters should be motion plus compatible.

John_Dylan3142d ago

I truly prefer the Wiimote control system over PC and console configs, the fact of the matter is if you buy a gunshell youre actually holding a gun, you feel like youre in an arcade only without rails with the analogue stick as a propietry for movement.

it just feels "right", i was playing COD4 on my Wii yesterday and i just kept thinking- why cant i play Halo with this??

Also with PCs the screens so small that you have to sit irght in front of it, ur tapping on buttons and clicks and it just doesnt have that sense of immersion that standing in front of your huge component cabled HDTV, gun in hand, pointing at some digital enemy with this huge grin on your face. Just my opinion.

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bs, real shooters are on the ps3 and 360, killzone and gears

amogrr3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

bs, real shooters are on the pc, crysis and hl2 :)

+metroid prime 3 is the awesomes :)

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