Sony Shows Off the "Move". The Next Great Thing or Too Little Too Late?

Ryan Fleming from DigitalTrends writes: Following its initial announcement at GDC, Sony is making an effort to wow users with new controllers and new technology. But is it enough to win back gamers?

I wanted to like it, I really did. Despite my passionate love affair with my Xbox 360, I was prepared to leave it all behind and fling myself in the waiting and loving arms of Sony, all thanks to their new Move controllers that were being touted as the most recent "next best thing in gaming". But after getting a chance to hold them in my hands, play the demos, and even speak with some of the developers, color me unimpressed.

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BubbleSystemSuck3143d ago

Too Little Too Late like the articles "PS3 Slim: Too Little Too Late"?

alphakennybody3142d ago

lol! exactly what I was going to write. LMAO!! and we all know what happened next XD hahaha!!!!!

DrWan3141d ago

Not news. speculations that adds nothing new.