5th Key Employee Leaves Infinity Ward

Veteran programmer Jon Shiring has announced on his twitter account that he has resigned from Infinity Ward

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Lucreto3172d ago

So it begins...

We can only hope the same happens to IW that happened to Rare. It will serve Activision right.

qface643172d ago

i was thinking the same ting but if its one thing i learned is that even if all key people leave IW (which will most likely happen) and they replace the studio with new devs

whatever game they make will still be popular just because of the developers name
same thing happened to rare

bjornbear3172d ago

here's link(s):

its official: makes or Call of Duty and Modern Warfare are working under EA's wing

Activision all your base are belong to EA

SixZeroFour3172d ago

i hope ea doesnt do something as stupid as activision in having respawn and dice working on multiple alternating battlefield titles

sikbeta3172d ago

Of course it begins, The guys got tired of Kotick and His Gimmicky-plastic Whip...

-MD-3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Nothing happened to Rare, they're still great.

Mackey McCandlish resigned too so we're up to a total of 6 people that left.

presto7173172d ago

Now the question is which one is the bigger evil: Activision or EA. It just HAD to be these two eh?

-Mezzo-3172d ago

What goes around comes around, They were getting way too greedy.

zoks3103172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Remember when the Medal of Honor developers left EA and went over to Activision to form Infinity Ward? Together Acti and IW made the biggest fsp ever in the history of fps; Call of Duty, while the Medal of Honor series died a slow death with EA, partly due to the fact that the series lost its original creators and developers to Acti.

Fast forward a few years and now the same developers that left EA to form IW at Acti are going back to EA to form a new studio that specializes in fsp. Now the Call of Duty series will die a slow death as Acti tries to continue the series without the original developers and creators.

History have shown us that once the original developers leave things turn to [email protected]

jack_burt0n3172d ago

"Activision all your base are belong to EA"


badz1493172d ago

they could have just form an independent studio and make great games! publishers will drool all over them if they are GOLDEN! with that, they can have the highest bidder publish their games! just like QD is doing!

this shows that they simply can't do a thing without a huge publisher backing them aren't they? afterall, they've been clinging behind Acti with their generic shooters! none of this is actually good for gamers! in the end of the day, we gamers will just get another slew of generic shooters from these guys in the wake of trying to beat CoD! this happened before with MoH where we got CoD! now, god knows what else we'll be getting!

-MD-3171d ago

Someone strolled through with their multiple accounts.

PhantomT14123171d ago

Respawn Entertainment IS an independent studio. EA funded them and will publish their games but Respawn will keep control over their IPs, thing that wouldn't been possible with Activision since they own (part of) IW and their IPs.

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aviator1893172d ago

Activision, you had this coming. Here's to hoping your final golden days are at an end, though they probably won't unless they lose the modern warfare name in the lawsuit. And I hope they do lose it.

Mista T3171d ago

Rest In Piss Activision

tdogchristy903172d ago

For the good of the industry I really hope Respawn comes out on top and makes some amazing games.

cheesecake2223172d ago

And everyone is jumping ship!

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