Introducing Chris Roper

MAG Blog writes: I am pleased to introduce our newest Community Specialist here at Zipper Interactive, Mr. Chris Roper! Chris shouldn't need much of an introduction for those of you who followed's video game coverage over the past several years, as he was an integral part of its day-to-day editorial coverage since 2002. We worked together for more than seven years on the PlayStation channels on that site, so I can vouch that he's a fantastic addition to the Zipper family.

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Blaster_Master3115d ago

what could he possibly bring to the table at Zipper? The only thing he's good at is doing podcast, the guy not only has bad taste in games, but he doesn't even play for fun.

LordMarius3115d ago

Zipper is dead to me now, screw Socom 4

JRisburning3115d ago

WTF??? What am I missing here? What's next Jim Sterling joins ND?