Koku Gamer - Football Manager Handheld 2010 iPod Review

Koku writes: "'There's only one Ipod, there's only one Ipod!'

Sega have pulled it out of the very secretive bag, Football Manager is now on the iPhone/iTouch. Being the first onto the App pitch, 'Football Manager Handheld 2010' has the opportunity to secure itself among football enthusiasts due to the lack of competition. To do so however, the game would have to be of top quality. Make a duff game and any number of football management games could sweep in and one up Sega. So is this new installment 'the special one' or does it need to be shown the red card?

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Carnage12903169d ago

Definitely not my kind of game, but at least it's good.

cheesecake2223168d ago

That was uncalled for Ziriux. Kokugamer, huh? Is everyone on that site as rude and obnoxious as you?

3169d ago
elicymet3169d ago

The iPod is a unique venue for gaming and I think a piece of technology that represents a lot of freedom for indie designers, but I've always had reservations about playing on it cause I feel on some level it encourages developers to develop with dumbed down, quickie experiences in mind.

Ziriux3169d ago

Absolutely, no better way for a young dev company to start than on this.

Kyur4ThePain3168d ago

Beats out many a console game. But no, it's not for me.

Revvin3168d ago

Football Manager on an iPhone? its just made my next choice of mobile phone a hell of a lot easier!