Sexuality in Games: Dante's Inferno vs. God of War 3

The God of War franchise and EA's Dante's Inferno share a common thread of strong sexuality. Despite what Dante's Inferno may have lifted from God of War, this article makes the case that the former handles sexuality in a much more nuanced way than Sony's landmark series.

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bearsfaan3166d ago

I agree. God of War handles sex like a 12-year-old kid.

cry from the sky3166d ago

seriously...god of war is better. it literally traded bayonetta for the extreme edition.

Gamerbee3166d ago

Concentrated on making a better game instead of adding detail to Satans d*ck. Game sucked balls. No wonder noone talks about it anymore. Ever since Kratos sent him packing.

kraze073166d ago

I didn't know this article was about one game being better than the other. I thought it was about how they handle sexuality. Maybe you wandered into the wrong zone.

rod_furlong3166d ago

I haven't played either one yet -- how spoilerific was this?

atc19823166d ago

Why not sexuality with dragon age?

Tolkoto3166d ago

Dragon Age is a whole nother issue...

ExgamerLegends23166d ago

GOW's sexuality felt unnecessary. Kinda reminded me of Rico swearing every 4 seconds in Killzone.

"What the %$#@ is a Shakespeare?" (For the few who played KZ1)

El_Colombiano3166d ago

I felt it very necessary. It is a staple in the series!

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