Fable III Lets You Knock Up Your Xbox Live Friends

The cooperative multiplayer mode in Fable II may not have been the role playing game's highest point it arrived late and had some notable limitations but developer Lionhead Studios is giving birth to less compromised sequel, including the ability to get "intimate" online.

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine UK explains that the Xbox 360 exclusive, due this fall, will allow players to know their cooperative partners in the biblical sense, a chance to become intimate with your friends and make some in game babies.

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JoelR2995d ago

Can't wait to see the unintended social side effects in this game...
virtual divorce? who gets the virtual kid?
Offspring - which parent takes care of the kid during play
how about if the kid is killed by bears?

anyway It's way to hard to predict what the final result will be until the game hits... It's a day 1 for me and it should be fun.

Shendow2996d ago

Its said to use Natal an now this? Hope you knock up a girl playing a girl, or you going to called gay.

I think I'll stay away from Fable now, Fable 2 was ok but notthing to the 1st.

Raypture2996d ago

Won't be much different from how MMO's have fake marriages now just for fun (mostly, some people take it serious) possibly it will allow for breeding like in pokemon LOL

People will freak out and call it pedo like milo though.

Raypture2995d ago

I get a disagree for pointing out that it won't be all pedo like they want to make it out to be.

It just said co-op partner, didn't specify gener, though if they don't they'll try and say it's sexist (which defies logic and ads un-realism to the game, personally I'd rather you have to have a co-op partner of the opposite sex so it makes more sense with being able to adopt and such like how homosexual couples do now)

Xi2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I'd really like to see Lionhead make a pure Sim game set in the albion world.

just make it an MMO.

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