Motion Tech Being The Norm 'Inevitable' - Farrelly

Medal of Honor senior creative director Richard Farrelly believes it is "inevitable" that motion technology will one day become the norm for video gaming.

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SpaceSquirrel3088d ago

i don't mind as long as you can still use traditional controllers

mjolliffe3087d ago

I couldn't say goodbye to my PS3/360 controllers!

Rainstorm813087d ago

It would be the end to alot of genres, motion has a place in some games but not every game.

Maybe once games become in depth with motion like the movie GAMER or like the startrek Holodeck, Only then.....maybe.

scruffy_bear3087d ago

Yeah as long as I get to keep my traditional controllers I'm happy

Valay3088d ago

I actually agree with this. I'll be sad if we never see the controllers we've been accustomed to, though.

kevco333088d ago

Well, yeah, but haven't we all thought that since the 80's?

gamer78043087d ago

I think it will be the norm for consoles to have motion control tech, but it will not become the only way to control games, we will still have our traditional way of controlling games then in combination or coupled with motion controlling. Its not a replacement, an addition, or enhancement perhaps.

sid4gamerfreak3087d ago

no way, im not gonna buy with the hype of fail motion controls.

KB+Mouse is da best...

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