This is how Gran Turismo 5 should sound

PSUNI: If you've been listening carefully for the arrival of Gran Turismo 5, you'd better hope this is the sound you'll hear. When Polyphony Digital's game eventually races round the corner, it would be nice if it sounds as good as it looks. In fact, we'd be super GT happy if the following examples could be achieved.

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bnaked2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Wow, the sound of the cars is absolutely incredible!!! That's just stunning! The article fails..

edit: @below, ok i've failed

techie2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago ) in the videos, the sound of the cars is excellent? And the article fails? The sound of the cars in those videos - is not the sound from GT5 - it's real-life sound added to GT5 footage.

Edit: It's called video editing =D

bnaked2875d ago

But how the f*ck is it possible??? The sound fits perfect to the video..

Nitrowolf22875d ago

i do agree a bit, when i heard the sound from some GT vids they were clean, but i honestly don't know how these cars sound like inside of the vehicle so

techie2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Edit: My bad.

Nitrowolf22875d ago

i never said i didn't care
i said i don't know how they sound from the driver view in life, but yeah over all the sound should sound allot more powerful

techie2875d ago

Fair enough =) ps. it's "a lot"

Raf1k12875d ago

I can't wait to hear what some of the cars sound like through a tunnel

techie2875d ago

What in real-life or in GT5?

Fishy Fingers2875d ago

I thought GT recorded actual engine sounds?

techie2875d ago

For example sake...and I presume they clean them up. It's purely just the engine rev GT has, not all the other sounds.

Fishy Fingers2875d ago

Yeah good point, they're probably recorded in a controlled environment, not while actually racing.

techie2875d ago

I also think it's very hard to layer sounds on top of one another dynamically - I presume they use (like all racing games) a set "car sound track" that plays and interacts - rather than all the differing sounds combining into one rich and "dirty" sound.

xg-ei8ht2875d ago

I've only heard sounds from gt5 from outside and they don't sound clean, they sound correct.

And that tire sound everyone moans about, that is pretty spot on at times.

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