PS3 Has Highest Percentage Of Connected Consoles

Research firm The Diffusion Group said that in the U.S., the PlayStation 3 has the highest percentage of broadband connected consoles when compared to Xbox 360 and Wii.

Seventy-eight percent of PS3 users have the console connected to the internet, while Xbox 360 has 73 percent and Wii has 54 percent, according to Diffusion Group director of research Michael Greeson.

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Wrathman3087d ago

well that makes has wifi built in.but 78% of 32 million is a damn sight less than 73% of 40 million.and 1 is free.the other isnt.which makes it even more impressive.

if this research is to be taken seriously then MS need to be paying attention.if they could get another 5% of xboxes connected to the internet by including free wifi,surely it would be more beneficial in the long run.

but ethernet cable still trumps wifi.i personally have my ps3 and xbox hardwired.20metre cable for £5 on ebay.

Noctis Aftermath3087d ago

I wonder what the statistics are outside the US.

bioshock12213087d ago

I don't think Wifi has anything to do with it. The biggest reason is probably PSN being free and Xbox live costing money.

jams_shop3087d ago

For example, I moved a while back and didn't have Internet for few weeks. I was able to play online thanks to my neighbor's unprotected wifi.

randomwiz3087d ago

you don't need a gold account to connect to the internet. You can still connect with a silver.

Hotel_Moscow3087d ago

jams i just owned a group of people like you my neighbors came to my door saying did my internet go out the day after i put a password on my wifi

venum3087d ago

It make more sense when to play online is free for the guys who have an internet connection. Free has some quality.
And of course the built-in wifi make the life easier for the owner.

iamtehpwn3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It's Free, and only takes a minute to connect to PSN. Wired and Wireless connections available. Irony, 360 is wired default, and wii is wifi default. Ps3 has both and has the most connected. Now think about that for a minute.

boodybandit3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I don't understand when people say hardwire is so much better. I mean I know that wired has much better tolerance for packet collision than wireless but I use wifi on both the PS3 and 360 and I never have any issues. I have a set of consoles on wifi and a set hardwired and I cant tell a bit of difference in download speeds or connectivity while playing on PSN or XBL.

Maybe it's more of a router issue for some than the fact that wired is actually better than wifi. I know a ton of gamers that use wifi and I game with some of them regularly. They never drop from games or complain of any issues (lag, drops, infrequent download speeds, etc).

baum3087d ago

"well that makes has wifi built in.but 78% of 32 million is a damn sight less than 73% of 40 million.and 1 is free.the other isnt.which makes it even more impressive. "

You don't have to pay to get achievements or DLC from Xbox LIVE, fanboy. Why is it that Xbox fanboys overstate Xbox 360 and understate PS3 consoles sold? It's not 40 and 32 million, but now that we're all about spinning the truth, Xbox 360 is closer to 39 million than to 40 million, while PS3 is closer to 34 million than 33 million.

Therefore, the difference is less than 5 million ;)

Also, of those "40 million", how many actually still work?

fox023087d ago

"Also, of those "40 million", how many actually still work?"

Enough to sell more games than the PS3 obviously. Either X360 owners buy multiple copies of their games of the PS3 is just a bluray player. Or you're full of s**t.

IaMs123087d ago

Thats the tricky thing about percents. Although the PS3 has more % doesnt mean its more consoles/people and vice versa. Look at it this way you have 25 cents, you find another 25%. What seems bigger, 25 cent increase or 100% increase? Exactly

BRG90003087d ago

I think price has some relevance here too. PS3 is more expensive, so the demographic that purchases it is older/wealthier than the 360, if only slightly. Those people are more likely to have broadband, wifi, etc, than those who made their console decision based on the cheaper price of the 360.

3XP3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

How do they know how many people are connected. Is this another stupid survey or do that have a sniffer that can isolated consoles by type all over the world and compensate for the changing timezones.

Just curious, how they come up with this data and think that it's accurate enough to post percentages as if it was accurate.

@Shendow (Below)

Wouldn't it be cheaper for you to buy some CAT 5 cable rather than buying a wireless adapter for your 360. I'm sure you wireless router has at least 4 ports on it right?

@below - That's an old joke, either come up with something original or STFU.

Also, being that the "PS3 is online ready right out of the box" (the 360 is online ready right out of the box also idiots, maybe not wireless, but still online ready. It's not the consoles fault that some of you have limited home networks.) Being that PSN is free and XBL live still has to be paid for, for the PS3 to have only 5% more connected users is actually kind of sad being that there's no reason not to be connected. Additionally, the only reason they used percentages is because it makes the PS3 look better. When you go with shear numbers, with the 73% the 360 still has approx. 3 million more connected users. at approx 28.4m to 25.7m based on the lated WW numbers. See how easy it is to change a story be doing % vs raw numbers?

DaTruth3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Or their drive keeps scratching disks!

I thought so!

In Japan PS3 sells more games! Stupid fanboys and their, "teh 360 sells more games!" You absolutely have no proof of that!

AliTheBrit193087d ago

I do think Wi-Fi has a lot to do with it, heck if PS3 didn't have Wi-Fi my PS3 wouldn't be online.

Redrum0593087d ago

@fox02 just because a couple of your exclusives sell more then 5mil doesn't mean anything but only the fact that all xbox owners bought that one game. Don't forget that some 360exclusives don't sell at all. It's called diversity, not all ps3 owners buy the same game, but appearantly all 360fans love gears and halo. Stop talking before others own you .

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badz1493087d ago

because it says connected to broadband, not playing online! last time I checked, accessing XBL and getting free stuff like demos and everything with silver account is free - same like PSN! if talking about playing MP online, then that's another story!

Mo0eY3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It only has the highest percentage of connected consoles.


Edit: For those who are asking what the difference between Wifi and wired here:

Wifi outputs 54Mbps whereas Wire outputs 100Mbps, and these are the peak speeds for both. Now if you take into consideration distance, your internet connection, and other factors (walls, etc.), wireless is nowhere near wire speeds. If you can buy a nice 50 foot to 100 foot ethernet Cat5e cable on for about 10 bucks and run it under the house (through the walls if you feel like doing that). Both your PS3 and your friends will thank you for it.

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FreeFalling3087d ago

We all understand that it's just being connected to internet, not anything else.
But you still have to take into consideration that logic tells you that most people that are connected actually have XBL, why would you keep a useless cord connected to your 360? Surely a large percentile of offline 360 owners do not.
Even so, a slight 4% difference between a console w/ forced ethernet cable or $80+ add-on to connect to the internet vs one built in wi-fi, says alot about 360 owners and PS3 owners. Not flaming here, but you have to admit that is pretty impressive for something that is always boasted by PS3 fanboys.

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Sheikh Yerbouti3087d ago

Any XBox can connect to the internet regardless of Live or Wifi. I think it has to do with the demographics. Playstation owners are generally older, heads of households, with the income and discretion to have a console connected to the internet.

i3eyond the Circle3087d ago

you guys are making complete and total asses out of yourself. ^^^^

you don't need internet to play games....who gives a f8ck?

its obsolete

Darkstorn3087d ago

My PS3 must have just about the worst configuration imaginable then. It's hooked up to a 27" SDTV and the only internet available here is dial-up. No online gaming for me.

vhero3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Also makes sense because a huge chunk of 360s are either RROD or pirated so no longer use net in fear of being banned. I honestly think Piracy is the biggest issue here and partly that xbox live silver is pretty useless.

SaiyanFury3087d ago

I have both a PS3 and a 360. I refuse to pay MS's 100 fee for adopting wireless internet connectivity. My PS3 can connect to my wireless network out of the box, my 360 cannot claim the same. It's 100 dollars to buy MS's wireless network adapter. Since I'm experienced in wireless networks, I installed a wireless ethernet bridge for my home theatre. I can connect my 360/PS3 to my bridge with full n-band connectivity which is 300mbps. That's 6 times faster than g-band's normal 54mbps. I'm a technically minded gamer that refused to pay Microsoft for their ridiculous price of their wireless adapter. My entire network is n-band, and I'll never pay MS for denying wireless connectivity to their audience. My PS3 is wired into my wireless ethernet bridge through my PS3's gigabit port, and it's so fast it's not even funny. I love being in the know of technology.

Syronicus3087d ago

You know, the argument when they announce that the PSN has more users than Live and the Xbox folks claim that the PSN users all have 4 or 5 accounts. Yeah, I guess that argument is out the door now. Wow, yet another talking point shot down by facts that the PS3 is all that it claims to be. It is the best console for the money and you don't have to pay extra over the already expensive 60 bucks for retail games to play the online components. Good on ya Sony!

RedDragan3087d ago

In 2009 Sony Computer Entertainment was in the Top 25 selling publishers.

Guess how many Microsoft companies were there!

I will tell you... ZERO.

Now, worldwide... PS3 games sell more. So instead of quoting US statements, try worldwide and you will see an entirely different picture. In in the grand scheme of thing who cares about only the USA? The world, in fact Europe alone, is a much bigger market!

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Canucks233087d ago

Not hard to believe, seeing as when new console owners think of xbox live, they think of how it costs money and may not even know about the silver memberships(which are useless anyways) and just don't bother hooking it up. There's no reason not to hook up a ps3 online.

4221853087d ago

Cool, and as I write this using my PS3's web browser i'm proud to say i'm one of them. :)

happy_gilmore3087d ago

p2p with a foul-mouthed 12 year old who is using dial up


Wrathman3087d ago

i see your still playing MW2 on the ps3's dedicated servers.

your a funny lookin guy 2.

Mo0eY3087d ago

The saddest thing about this:

73% of people pay for their online experience, LOL. What a bunch of saps.

SpartanZero3087d ago

Looks like your mommy forgot to pay for your Xbox Live Gold subscription

Nitrowolf23087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Funny thing is that this is about the console being connected to broadband internet which means that this should apply to gold and silver as it isn't even specific on that part, it just says connected to broadband internet which if your a silver member and your using the market place then your connected.
That's actually shocking since there are more 360 out there, and this applies to both gold and silver since its seeing which is connected to broadband (shouldn't matter the service)

Ninji3087d ago

"Looks like your mommy forgot to pay for your Xbox Live Gold subscription"

Your mom paid for your XBL Gold subscription? lol. Makes sense coming from you I guess.