Destructoid: Two Worlds II will surprise you in a good way


I believe a little history lesson is in order first. When the original Two Worlds came out, it was met with poor reviews and was quoted as a bad Oblivion clone. Many gamers -- myself included -- avoided the game thanks to word of mouth and those who actually did play it found it to be plagued with glitches, bugs, and poor gameplay. The first game was actually originally going to be a PC exclusive and was rushed to the Xbox 360 at essentially the eleventh hour. Reality Pump, the developers of Two Worlds, had no prior experience developing for the console and the rushed nature of the port was the cause of pretty much all of the glitches, bugs, and general complaints to be had. TopWare Interactive was kind enough to show me a build of the new game rapidly approaching beta certification, and what I was shown should not be compared to the original. It looks pretty darn good.

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Rowland3165d ago

sounds very promising ! - I'd like to express a concern over the reported shortish game length though - for a 60 square km game, 100 - 150 hours should be the minimum, but it is being previewed to be only 30-50 hours. Can anyone or any Devs reading this confirm ?