PS3 to Remain in Short Supply Through Summer, says Analyst

In advance of this Thursday's March video game sales data from The NPD Group, Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian said he expects March to finally show industry sales moving in the right direction after months of decline. He believes software sales will be somewhere in the range of flat to up five percent thanks to a relatively easy comparison vs. last year (-16%) and solid sales of games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, and Pokemon Heart.

That said, some analysts are predicting even bigger gains for March, but Sebastian feels that "hardware supply constraints have restricted sell-through of titles such as GOW and FFXIII."

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cayal3139d ago

What's up with the inability to meet demand? It's a fairly poor effort for Sony not to be able to supply what is wanted.

Bathyj3139d ago

If this is all true, I dont think they made enough Slim's at the beginning. Seems they didnt anticipate what a turnaround the slim would be (how could they) and they've been playing catch up ever since.

Well its one idea, anyway.

vhero3139d ago

They are phasing out the 120gb models for some reason I noticed this as no stores in UK have any in stock anyways I can find a few with 250gbs but GAME only have 1 bundle and only have limited stock they had no stock on there online website until this weekend.

NinjaSp33d3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

(= im happy =)

Sevir043139d ago

Christmas mus thave really broken sony's piggy bank of slims... if anything i'm sure the PS3 sold quite well this march, it had 2 exclusives hit the system and a multiplatform that made it popular in its initial launch in the gaming market. ^^ we shall see. I hope they mannaged to crack at least 400k this month. because that was one hell of a month.

ukilnme3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Genius if Sony is doing this to build hype and demand. A [email protected] shame if they actually can't produce enough PS3s to take advantage of the momentum they had built up. If Sony manages to get the supply straight and gets the current demand together with the launch of GT5, sales may be astronomical.

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