Gears of War 3 preview tonight "for reals"

In case you hadn't guessed it after last week's Xbox Live blunder, NBC's Jon Friedman has confirmed that Cliff Bleszinski will be revealing Gears of War 3 on tonight's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

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Jedward-3082d ago

Doubt anyone cares but a few teens who like big men and sh!t story.

Shaman3082d ago

Yea...nice pic you got there...

TROLL EATER3082d ago

better than liking jedward lOOL

gtamike3082d ago

don't forget the baby oil, the xbots love big men with guns in baby oil running around :)

Kingdom Come3082d ago

Only a few hours to go. Can. Not. Wait!

-Alpha3082d ago

The 360 is really picking up pace unlike last year.

I just hope Epic puts more work into this title as the second one was ill received compared to the first.

Joule3082d ago

they max out the 360 with this game.

Shaman3082d ago

I think we can expect new features of UE3 that were introduced on GDC 10(better foliage,texture streaming and lightning) that alone with some neat artstyle should make a pretty amazing looking game.

Danteh3082d ago

will probably be a great game, shame that it will never get to Uncharted 2 level, even less Uncharted 3 level :P

-Alpha3082d ago

In terms of what? Graphics? Likely not, but graphics aren't the only thing that define a game. Why don't you actually wait for tonight's preview anyway.

HammockGames3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Epic got a little too complacent with Gears 2, and I think their community has let them know about it - especially the MP problems.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down for Gears 3. And I'm really looking forward to seeing how they respond - I'm anticipating an amazing game.

There's too many fantastic games that have come out for them to deliver just "more of the same" (although that would still be pretty damn good stuff).

Shaman3082d ago

I think it has a shoot to beat UC2,not saying it will,but it has shoot.Epic uped UE3 pretty nicely,and they have what it takes,but i hope for better gameplay more,especially less bugie MP,and what i would really like is longer and more story compelling sp.

Kingdom Come3082d ago

Me being as Obsessed with the Gears of War Franchise as I am, all I'm wanting is more of the same. However I know Cliffy and Epic will implement some incredible gameplay elements.

Lionhead3082d ago

Do you mean 'shot'? lol

The coop in Gears is better than the Uncharted 2 coop. Wish instead of mission based games that Uncharted 2 had a coop campaign.

As long as Gears 3 online is better than 2 then I am all for it. Can't wait to tune in and see, even though I doubt A LOT will be shown of it =\

LordMarius3082d ago

it will probably copy Uncharted 2

4Sh0w3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I actually thought Gears2 was much better than the first, sure the multiplayer had some issues but I enjoyed it after the 2nd update, and the multiplayer Horde mode was what most everybody played anyway and it was simply brilliant addition by Epic, which is why some of the latest shooters have recently implemented a similiar mode.

Story/Pacing= Gears1<Gears2
Weapons= Gears1<Gears2
Enemies= Gears1<Gears2
Features/Gameplay= Gears1<Gears2, added features like the "meat shield" were fcking sah-weet!
*Multiplayer= Gears1>Gears2, except Horde Mode in Gears2 was my favorite mode for any multiplayer game this gen.

talltony3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

IMO this is the best series on the 360. Gears 1 was much better than 2 so I hoped they learned for gears 3. I know this sequel will be better than 2 and I pray they will fix the lag in the multiplayer along with the glitches. Gears and uncharted series are my top 3rd person shooters ever period! It is now more obvious than ever that both consoles are clearly needed this gen. Both consoles got their own special games.

WhittO3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I have a feeling its just going to be a cinematic and not actual real gameplay, even if the cinematic "appears" to be made in the engine.

Edit: @Shaman it will not beat U2 in terms of visuals, just saying.

Will happily say I'm totally wrong once I see some gameplay videos.

BRG90003082d ago

As long as they've learned from the mistakes in the second game, I'm really excited for this.

Kingdom Come3082d ago

Well, if Cliify B will be "Previewing" re game, that would refer to gameplay, and Cliffy's been mentioning working on the footage more over the past few days so I'm presuming it's gameplay, either way I'm happy!

JazzyKK3082d ago

@Alpha, Xbox360 is doing GREAT compared to last yr. and it's only the beginning!! Gears 3 is huge news, but I'm looking forward to seeing Bulletstorm if they show It!!

saint_john_paul_ii3082d ago

i agree, the co-op in Gears is awesome, as its already built into the campaign, and the levels are designed to run for co-op. thats one of the things that i like about gears.

the multiplayer better be better though. hopefully a online beta for the fall is in the works.

Solidus187-SCMilk3082d ago

I want to check it out. I think gears 1 and 2 are great especially the co-op campaign.

Mo0eY3082d ago

I love CliffyB. He is the greatest game developer in the entire history EVER. No man can come up with something so brilliant like two space marines having a bromance. NO ONE! Whatever this man touches turns to gold - Who can forget the classic games Dare to Dream? Jazz Jackrabbit? or the ever-so popular The Palace of Deceit: Dragon's Plight??? Pure brilliance!

CliffyB, will you marry me?

quadalupeupe3082d ago

gonna be like Alan Wake and Halo Reach

Delt43082d ago

the part where they are making songs about people is freaking hilarious! But lets get to the preview of Gears now!!

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WildArmed3082d ago

Hot Dang the teaser was awesome.
So is it going to be a video preview..
Coz I wuvs videos <3 lol

Shaman3082d ago

Cmon Epic please deliver!!!

Kingdom Come3082d ago

I have no doubts they will. Epic are amazing game developers.

Eamon3082d ago

I very much doubt it will be an actual preview. Most likely a trailer and also likely to be in CGI since they still have another year of development left.

But if it isn't CGI and the graphics surpass or even reach Uncharted 2's level...

Convas3082d ago

N4G will implode in on itself. PS3 Fanatics will form murderous mobs and hunt us down and slaughter us in our homes. :(

Nitrowolf23082d ago

i hope they also show some gameplay, perhaps they might show something that was rumored earlier about playing under water?

Foxgod3082d ago

Personally i think the whole playing underwater sounds a bit difficult.
I am open to motion controls, but i am not gonna sit in a giant fish-tank while playing Gears, that feature is too much.