GTA IV Title Update Coming Soon

MyRockstar HQ writes - "Rockstar Games posted a topic on GTA Forums saying Grand Theft Auto IV patch coming very soon. Check out the list of bugs below that patch will fix."


GTA IV Patch is now live.

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infamousinfolite3140d ago

People still play this game?!

Redempteur3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

yep ..because people learned to have fun with it ..not to look for san andreas 2 ..

logical choice as they are different games ..

TheIneffableBob3140d ago

Liberty City Stories just came out for PC and PS3.

Government Cheese3140d ago

Of course.. its a GTA game... people are still playing San Andreas and that is almost 6 years old now.

Gran Touring3140d ago

wait so did they actually "fix" the grainy shadow problem that plagues nearly 1/2 the video cards on the market?

thedarkvault3140d ago

well I might just have to fire this up again, but I'm not buying lost and damned and gay tony again(have 360 version too)

Demarco1563140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

they need to fix that UNPLAYABLE thing in the pc version

KRONie3139d ago

they fixed that long time ago. you just have sh!tty computer.

Charmers3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

So they finally got round to fixing all the problems that have been around since day 1 (17 months later). I can't say I have much faith in this patch, historically Rockstar Toronto doesn't have a good track record with patches.

In patch 2 they improved performance slightly whilst somehow managing to remove nearly 30% of all the in game objects (and they didn't even notice)

In patch 3 they re added the objects and performance dropped significantly once more.

In patch 4 they did sweet F A and it was a waste of bandwidth to even bother with it

In patch 5 they finally got around to fixing the fact that when you rode a bike you had no biker shadow. In the process of fixing that "little" thing they screwed up the textures so your car looked like it was sinking into the road.

Now this is patch 6 and with all the "promises" in this patch I really dread to think what the hell they have broken this time. However as others have said "too little too late". I am not going to reinstall the malware commonly known as GTA 4 and I sure as hell am not giving Rockstar any more of my money for the DLC.

Ocelot5253140d ago

thanks for this information

looks like I'm gonna buy the episodes for the PS3 and not the PC, if the PC version is such a mess

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