Game Tester On Pranks, Horror Stories, And Stereotypes writes, "Working as a game tester in the minds of many gamers is a sweet gig; playing games all day, how can you go wrong? We sat down with Quality Assurance company, The Ant Firm, to talk about the various aspects of being a video game tester, last time covering the topic of why hardcore gamers don't necessarily make good testers. For the second half of our sit-down with The Ant Firm team, we talked about horror stories and pranks from the Quality Assurance Department (also know as 'home' for game testers), and what it means to be a games tester as a career."

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jammers2869d ago

I wonder how many easter eggs QA people come across when they play games?

mephman2869d ago

Makes you wonder how many easter eggs are legitimate, and how many aren't!

Hardedge2869d ago

Haha that a pretty hilarious prank.

Kyll2869d ago

I'm surprised the publish actually didn't grill them for it xD

mephman2869d ago

It would have been great if that had stayed in for the final retail copy!

jammers2869d ago

Could you imagine how many hot coffees there may be out there?

iceman29292869d ago

not sure if anyone else noticed but they should have edited a bit better. "but in a light hearted *manour*."