Have No Fear, PSN Will Remain "Free" Says PTOM

Ever since Sony said that its considering a premium PSN service where users would pay for exclusive content, PS3 owners have dealt with the fear of paying to play on it. And rightfully so, the fact that Xbox 360 owners have to pay a fee to play games online and PS3 owners don't helps bolster their stance that because PSN is free, it makes the service on par or even better than Xbox Live.

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BeaArthur3141d ago

I would hope so, I wouldn't pay for what it offers.

SpaceSquirrel3141d ago

PSN is great, especially when it is free.

xTruthx3141d ago

I think everyone new this, they will only charge for their premium service which will probably be announce on E3

Apocalypse Shadow3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

why accept free dedicated servers for most exclusive games when you can pay for P2P and down times?O_o

why pay for 16vs16/20vs20/30vs30/128vs128 possibilities when you can settle for paying for 4vs4/5vs5 and 8vs8?

why get online for free like everyone else when you can pay for it from a monopolizing company?

why go for free when you can get banned for wanted a larger hard drive without price gouging because your console is linked to the net?and the parent company can see you needed more space but you were not willing to pay their outrageous prices.

whatever dude......

movements3141d ago

Many a people would pay for a premium PSN service...

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Matthew943141d ago

Weren't we told this months ago???

interrergator3141d ago

i dont think they be microsoft and make me pay 50 for a connection lol

CellularDivision3141d ago

Of course it will remain free.
Why would a company charge for something they are known to have for free? Thats company suicide.

On another note...
Why cant Sony give us a converter of some sort so we can rip our psx games so we can copy them on psp? Why must we BUY games we already own?

LtSkittles3141d ago

Well, you can put your PSOne game into your PS3, and then start Remote play. You don't have to buy them.

CellularDivision3141d ago

But that will mean I will have to stay along my PS3. Whats the point of a PSP if you have to stay connected to your PS3 to play PSOne games? Id like to play games on the go with a portable gaming device.

movements3141d ago

@CellularDivision: True that ....