Guerrilla will be releasing more Killzone 2 screenshots soon

Arjan Brussee, who is responsible for the development of Killzone 2, confirmed that Guerrilla Games has a whole bunch of screenshots that will be released very soon.

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TriggerHappy3905d ago

can we get a translation ?

GotAmmo3905d ago

Guerrilla games has given has too early appeared a statement concerning rather appeared in-game screenshot of Killzone 2. according to Seb Downie - the Question and Answer-manager at guerrilla games - this image. The image has not been treated with for example Adobe Photoshop, and is 100% in-game. This could also Arjan Brussee explain games van Guerrilla compared with According to Brussee one has screenshots still a lot of in reserve, but that later just will appear. Downie confirmed further that this image has not been taken of an early version of the game. More strongly still: the screenshot have been taken last Saturday of the last version of the game. And charge but not least told Downie that gameplay trailer be shown on the PlayStation Network (PSN) of Killzone 2. these download pictures to be then for free and will come by to E3. Killzone 2 are not itself performable on E3, but there for tomorrow morning half seven demonstrations of the game will be. InsideGamer are here live at present report do and our share experiences.

Blabbermouth3905d ago

check out this address to this site is a the REAL picture everyone, the one on this site is a poster in the game.

Kleptic3905d ago

what is going on...

the scaled picture of the helghan looked technically far as the claimed muzzle flash creating dynamic lighting...but the shadow looks relatively low res, and the character textures just seem rough to me...

and a number of comments on each of these screenshot articles claim it to be a "poster on the wall"...which makes this even more confusing...what exactly are they trying to demonstrate, or is this all part of some big suprise?...

crunkthug3905d ago

man do u know when will they reveal the game today?
i mean at which time??

TriggerHappy3905d ago

Invites only today, which will be around MIDS EST time and public view from tomorrow going.

FordGTGuy3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

[sarcasm]better ones or worst?[/sarcasm]

Way to take a joke you douche.

THC PRITCHARD3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Some to Shut you the F**K up

My fake pic got a few then it looked like killzone for a moment

Haha take my bubbles

Shadow Flare3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

what is that screenshot? is that killzone 2?


ok that games chrome. But i just realised something really cool about the kilzone screenshot. There are 3 glowing orange bits on the image. 2 are the helghast's eyes, the third is some kind of plasma bullet shot from the gun. Just look at that lighting effect! Imaging tons of bullets all casting those shadows really fast! If that is the case, then that lighting effect is superb. From what i gather the only thing lighting the room is the gun, not room lights. So imagine that i motion! And this image is supposedly pre-alpha! I still believe in this game

ps. Help get my bubbles back plz

Nicosia3905d ago


DAMNNNNNNN if its real.

TriggerHappy3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Is a sequal to the PC game Chrome.



EDIT: Who is disagreeing with me? What ? Is it cuz am a Caveman ? Not cool dude..I discovered fire(Gimmie some props)

ThaGeNeCySt3905d ago

lol @ someone disagreeing with caveman and the proof is right there in the link he provided.

Nicosia3905d ago

Yeah lol. he that person that disagreed'type ''Chrome 2'' @ (pictures).. and whoala we have....

dantesparda3905d ago

Ah Caveman, that comment was funny, good stuff!

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LSDARBY3905d ago

All this is taking the piss, things are coming soon. Just release them ffs. I dont wanna know in advance lol

TL243905d ago

The new pictures will be better then the first one released... I've got BIG hopes for this game...

PS360PCROCKS3905d ago

your avatar is amazing...go BRONCOS

THE_JUDGE3905d ago

and hell yea go BRONCOS!!!!!!

Aramis0013905d ago

God I wish I had a football team to root for. But, living in Detroit, there really are no options. But who knows...happened to the Tigers...