Rumor: Ninja Theory Working on Next Devil May Cry Game?

It's been reported that Ninja Theory, the studio who brought us Heavenly Sword for the PS3 and is currently hard at work on Enslaved for the PS360, is working on a secret project.

Is that secret project the next Devil May Cry game? Game Informer says, yes.

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qface643173d ago

i am not amused by this =|
i hope its a rumor and nothing more an odd rumor btw
i don't want the next devil may cry game i buy to last only 3 hours -__-

Chris3993172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I have yet to see Ninja Theory create a finished game. And really, the real stars of Heavenly Sword weren't the developers, they were the actors. Some really brilliant performances in that GAME. How often can you say that?

But yeah, I'm not entirely convinced Ninja Theory are as hot as they seem to think that they are. Enslaved looks as generic as a 3rd person action game gets. People fighting the footure! Wow, what a brilliant concept! (Cough... Matrix, Terminator... cough).

I'd rather Capcom stick with DMC.

Otheros003172d ago

Enslaved seems like a westernized version of Journey To The West.

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raztad3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )


So much fail in so few lines.

1) HS is not utter garbage or anything like that.

2) DMC didnt define the genre, it was one game, with its own gameplay. Nothing more nothing less. Ask yourself how many games have DMC combat style besides Bayonetta.


I'm waiting for a good DMC, not sure if NT is up to the task.

Sevir043172d ago

i loved HS but it's too short... and it wasn't a complete game either.

and while dmc4 was cool it wasn't the best of the series, i have an ansgt of non jap devs trying to make Jap games, they just arent quirky enough... DMC thrives on deep combat and speed precision execution, and way way over the top japanese humor. and frankly DMC is at the top of the japanese stylized action hack and slash while GOW is at the top of the west.

if they are trying to revitalize the series, please, NT isn't the way. i dont want a screaming dante, that kinda drama is fit for western hack and slash, far far east should stay crazy and cool, over the top and stylized. BTW bayonnetta, sucks compared to DMC3 :-)

Blaze9293172d ago

I'd rather have Platinum Games handle the next Devil May Cry. Bayonetta's combat system was simply amazing

barom3172d ago

Whats up with Capcom these days. Do they even have anymore dev teams? Seems like they are just partnering up with a bunch of independent developers these days. I mean Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Dead Rising 2, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix and probably a bunch of others that I'm forgetting too. I dont get Capcom these days.

Redrum0593172d ago

I just hope it's good, dmc1 was amazing to me and then it went down hill. I just hope they bring it back. It should have a mysterious mideival dark theme like the first, not colorful and fantasy like themes. I wanna kill demons not colorful fantasy monster like in dmc4.

AAACE53172d ago

If a game didn't sell well, why get a studio to make a sequal to a good selling franchise? The team that made DMC 4 did a good job, so I don't see the reason for this if true!

blind-reaper3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

in all honesty heavenly sword is better than DMC4 I hated the rerun with Dante it was like "oh the game is short, so lets just change the character and make the gamer play it all over again" in my opinion it was very lame.

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Ryuha1234h3172d ago

Capcom please don't let this happen . I'm a ps3 fan, but i gotta be honest. Heavenly Sword was really boring. I'm sorry but i'm just being real. I hope Capcom don't let this happen.

Parapraxis3172d ago

Heavenly Sword was boring? Did you even play it?
It was a bit short yes (SCC short), but it certainly wasn't "boring".

fallingdove3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Actually Heavenly Sword was/is pretty boring. Have you played it recently?

I thought it was fantastic when I first bought it, but I think most of that was I was starved for an action hack n slash. Going back and playing it after Bayonetta and God of War 3, the game has amazing animation and mocap but the game itself has some intensely repetitive gameplay and a lack of variety -(fight a horde of enemies with a sub par battle system in an arena, shoot and guide minigame [repeat]). The game as a whole was pretty piss poor. I wish they had actually been able to finish the game it could have been excellent.

On topic - I really hope Ninja Theory doesn't develop the next Devil May Cry, it would be awful - its charm lies in its Japanese-ness. I don't trust Ninja Theory's sense of combat design or even its art design.

TheCagyDies3172d ago

If true, it better be just a small time project.
For example like porting the first three DMC games to the PSP.
But if they are making DMC5 rather than Capcom, I am going to be pissed.

Towers763172d ago

That would be a fantastic idea. The PSP would be a good platform for a new, side story of DMC because I think Capcom wil re-release the original trilogy in an up-scaled collection similar to GoW1&2. Either way, some new DMC would be nice.

Katana Yamato3172d ago

This is dumb. Why couldn't Capcom give Platinum Games to make this freakin game. LAME! I expect tons of QTE's now....ugh!

saint_john_paul_ii3172d ago

P* has a deal with Sega, plus i dont think the creator of DMC wants to go back to his baby, which is DMC.

Katana Yamato3172d ago

The deal is done though. P* and Sega only had a 4 game deal. The 4 games were Madworld, Bayonetta, Infinite Space and Vanquish. P* can do what they please now.

And yeah it sux that Hideki Kamiya doesn't want to return to make DMC again. I guess making shallow skanks that make demons out of their pubic hair is more fun then making yet another game on the badass DMC series.

saint_john_paul_ii3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

here we go again, Japanese franchises attempted to get westernized....if this is true, then Capcom Still doesn't get it along with other Japanese devs.

Im not hating on Ninja Theory, they are great devs, but seriously, i want games made by Japanese devs made with their style of gameplay.

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