The Five Best Things About the Wii

No more Wii-whacking. To make up for two days of negative posts on the Wii has released The Five Best Things About the Wii.

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unsunghero283580d ago

This article shows that it IS possible to compliment a console's strengths, even after pointing out its weaknesses.

It also shows that we can all appreciate all 3 consoles, and just play games instead of bashing eachother...

Rhezin3580d ago

Hell if it were a completely true and guranteed statement that Wii's could attract hot chicks, I'd smash my 360 to bits and get a Wii.

cprince013579d ago

The point was that there are a higher percentage of females playing Wii than other consoles. There was also no mention of hotness.

M_Prime3579d ago

well all i can say is my MOM actually picked up the WII.. and thats scary.. though its to play BUST A MOVE and shes not entirely sure how to change game disks but shes getting there..

its that she just points at the screen and waves left and right and presses A to shoot the bubbles..

my girlfriend likes the game as well for its simplicity.

and everyone at my x-mas party did try the wii to be honest and we all had fun. WII SPORTS and BOMBERMAN dominated the day... 5 PLAYER bomberman is a blast.. since we all used to play bomberman on the SNES a back in the day.

so yeah WII is pretty casual but its okay.. its getting some 'hardcore' games..

also i think its a good idea for EA to add the CASUAL modes to games.. as well as advanced mode. So you can play your Madden or FIFA like u normally would or u can play in casual mode which sounds like all u would be doing is passing and shooting but not actually in full control of the player (talking about FIFA) and you know that is interactive and someone new to gaming can easily pick that up and may eventually want to move onto playing in ADVANCED MODE.. ya know what i mean..