Resumeplay: All Points Bulletin Beta Impressions

resumeplay writes: "Although All Points Bulletin(ABP), replicates the familiar formula of the Grand Theft Auto series, Realtime Worlds makes it into a complete online multiplayer gaming experience. This MMO for the PC has the potential to become a true online triple A title because unlike other games, it becomes YOUR personally tailored experience."

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CheatsMcGee3081d ago

Pretty interesting. It's worth checking out when the final thing hits stores.

Ziriux3081d ago

Wish it was coming to consoles.

NYShotgun063081d ago

To be the writer of that article. I hope you guys like what you read and see.

Ziriux3081d ago

I can't wait for this bad boy to release.

EdZa3081d ago

Sounds cool. The criminal faction reminds me of Mark Ecko's Getting Up. You know you love spray painting stuff.

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