2K Games reveals E3 line up including Civilization for Wii

2K Games has revealed their E3 line up, and while there is not much we didn't know about, already the company has confirmed a Wii version (and DS) of Civilization, titled Civilization Revolution. The game looks to be an afterthought, because it wont hit until about this time next year, unlike the Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions, which will be out earlier next year. 2K Gamess' line up also includes BioShock, The Darkness, All-Pro Football 2K8 and NHL 2K8 on various platforms.

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PS360WII4023d ago

Hey even if it's coming out awhile later it's still coming out and that game should play nice with the Wii Remote and Stylist ^^

LSDARBY4023d ago

Im hoping for a Bioshock PS3 anouncement, but i cant see it happening lol

iballa4023d ago

Civ on the DS! sounds like heaven

Dudeson424023d ago

Very cool, thats about all there is to say, this might be the game to re-awaken my slumbering Wii.

Genki4023d ago

NBA 2K8? 7 was brilliant, and honestly with the big improvements they made over 2K6 alone I've been dying to see a smidgen of what the next installment has to offer since day 1.

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