Spawn Kill Hands-On: Saw 2: The Video Game

Eric Galaviz from Spawnkill Writes:

"Whether or not you enjoy the Saw franchise in the movie theater or not, they keep cranking them out and they keep making money. It's only natural that the film be turned into a video game and that the video game would see a yearly release alongside a new movie. Last year, Saw: The Video Game was released to go alongside another movie title and received mixed reviews. Some fans of the franchise enjoyed the sick and twisted violence combined with puzzle solving, while others found the game to be repetitive. I for one not being a fan of the franchise, no thanks to all the sequels, didn't play the first title but after getting a chance to play Saw 2 at this year's Konami Gamers' Day I actually might have to give it a try."

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tigresa3141d ago

It's definitely my fault they keep coming out with the movies! I've seen all six in theaters and own the game... I'm kind of disappointed that puzzles still seem kind of obvious, as that was my only gripe (mostly) with the first game.

Also, WTF, Jigsaw randomly taunts you by chain fences and stuff? Jigsaw never just comes out and shows himself to taunt you. x_x His old heart can't handle that.

ihaten4glol3141d ago

Personally I really like the Saw franchise. And I enjoyed what I have played of the first game. If they make it half as gory as the original then that'd be great.

Snarkasaur3141d ago

This should be on the Wii so I can stick the wiimote to my own face for self mutilation!