Machinarium dev moves on to Sony after Microsoft passes on publishing its critical darling

A report late last week on claimed that Czech game studio Amanita Design had been "refused" a publishing deal to bring the critically-acclaimed Machinarium to Xbox Live Arcade, because the game was not an Xbox exclusive. While the quotes in the article were incendiary, they echoed information Joystiq received from developer Golgoth Studio earlier this year, when it too was denied a publishing deal from Microsoft for Toki HD. (Microsoft decided Toki HD didn't fit with its current portfolio.)

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Parapraxis2836d ago

"They told us, 'It's not Microsoft-exclusive, we don't want it.'
Seriously MS, wtf.

Hellsvacancy2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I know, if MS really thought like that half of its game library will b gone

I hope they strike a deal wid Sony, id buy it

Sheikh Yerbouti2836d ago

that Microsoft doesn't want to promote a product that is on the Wii or PS3, but Mac and Linux? Competition is competition.

Machinarium will do well on PSN.

RadientFlux2835d ago

I don't blame Microsoft, if I was going to spend money on publishing a game. I would want a say on what systems the game comes out on.

I'm sure Sony feels the same way. Which is why you don't see any Sony published games on the X360.

retrohive2836d ago

The game looks really cool. I hate that greed is getting in the way.

Bebedora2836d ago

I've tried their web demo. It was really cool.

ef-u-22836d ago

All you sfb's need to cut it out game might be good but MS doesnt want Apple and Linux sloppy thirds they'll take Sony's sloppy seconds but not Apples they didnt even make the game compatable with Windows pc who does that? besides Sony with thier on consoles exclusives and even sony has some pc titles plus Neither Apple nor Linux are Even major players in the gaming industry Sony should be insulted as well to be chosen last after Apple, Linux and MS

CellularDivision2836d ago

This article tells me that all rejected devs go for Sony.

nycredude2835d ago

No it tells you that MS has too big of an ego and it clearly demonstrates MS's inability to do what is right for their consumers because of it.

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