New Lost Odyssey Screens

Here are some newly released Lost Odyssey screens. The game has also been confirmed for E3 and Developers will give an in depth look at the progress of the game so far.


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EDF 20173877d ago

Seriously, the PS3 will never touch 360 graphics.

Presidentjr3877d ago

is you comment related to this story ? yes they do look amazing but can we refrain from "my father can beat your dad comments"

VirusE3877d ago

I dont agree, the graphics are great but FF 13 looks better. Its not about graphics anyway.

midgard2293877d ago

its in the hands of the developers to how the graphics look, the xbox was stronger than ps2 but most ps2 games looked better, ninja gaiden and DOA ultimate were 2 of the best looking games on the xbox, because team ninja isnt lazy to use graphics power.

and yeah please, the graphics for lost oddesy are good, but not better than ninja gaiden sigma's, ff13's metal gear 4.

besides come on, just be happy the game looks good, im gettin it too, but to say that the ps3 cant match 360's power is stupid when the ps3 is stronger, but the developers on the ps3 are lazy except for the hard working ones.

this gen will be pretty, well except the wii,ps3 and 360 just makes us realize how bad the gamecubes/ps2's/xbox's graphics are,
lol remember when we thought final fantasy 7 had good graphics, then the ps1 jumped to 9 and was way better? we're sure to see that this gen aswell ;p

JasonXE3876d ago

with you b/c ninja gaiden sigma looks like an original xbox port, but in HD. There is also no real gameplay footage that we've seen of ff13 or mgs4. We have to wait till E3 or TGS for that, but i do except it to look great. Also these pictures could be the beta build, and they still look great (that or it could get more polish before release).

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SuperSaiyan43877d ago

Its looking spectacular! Can't wait for this game.

As I have said before the PS3 physically cannot render visuals on that level due to the GPU lacking some features but if the developers want to spend the time and money they can emulate via software and get the CELL to do it.

Look at the latest FF on the PS3 which was shown - well the screens were shown on what they are aiming for last year, it was impressive but didnt someone say SE isnt showing any FF13 this year at E3? I hope they do!

Blankman3877d ago

hypocrites the whole lot of you. Those screen shots arent that spectacular graphically dosent look as good as folklore you all are just being attracted to shiny colors. i mean the only DECENT screen shots there are the 4th and the 5th and note that i stress DECENT. I many be wrong and maybe i am not lookin at it right but dnt anybody go saying this is spectacular like we are lookin at revolutionary graphics.

silent ninja3877d ago

...that game looks good but no way is better than LO, and its the one with shiney colors

BIadestarX3877d ago

haha! That's I am going to say about this fanboy... Didn't they release One(1) KillZone 2 ingame image? Shouldn't you be having some privacy and showing killzone 2 some love?
Why are you comparing apples and oranges?
Here is the game you speak of:

Here is Lost Odyssey:

I think you got confused... this is not Eternal Sonata... another great RPG game coming to the xbox 360.

kid... stop making a fool out of yourself... it's embarrasing...

Blankman3877d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

well i havnt really played much of folklore and as far as i am concerned even based of the screen shot you posted graphically they look pretty much the same. At most a slight edge over folklore. My point simply was those graphics are not spectacular.

@ bladestar i post a comment based on my opinion and my opinion still stands lost odyssey graphics arent spectacular maybe i shouldnt have compared it to folklore but granted that dosent make the game any more or less spectacular. Making comments about me being a fanboy is absolutely rediculous if there was a top 10 list of 360 fanboys on this site you will be definetly be on it. I have nothin against fanboyism we all have the right to be passionate about wat we like but callin sum1 else a fanboy when you are a greater fanboy is simply classic

edit @playstation360 and super saiyan. Understand i am not tryin to knock this game it will be a great game and i own a 360 and if its great i will buy it. My point is this in no way shows xbox360 graphical superiority. I was going to compare it to white knight story but i thought it would be an unfair conparison

SuperSaiyan43877d ago

Looked ok but I played the demo and it was terrible, what's soo good about it?

How can anyone knock Lost Odessy?? Its made from the guy who first made Final Fantasy LOL!! Wow I can't believe the Sony fans here.

PlayStation3603877d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

dislike this game. I think they just dislike comments made by EDF 2017, Bladestar, and your previous comment. And thus, feel compeled to knock on any 360 game. I would definitely give this title a look. The graphics, especially screenshots # 4 and 5, are amazing. Now in my opinion, I think White Knight Story looks better. However we all have seen WKS in gameplay. And have yet to see LO playing. So I'll reserve my final judgment until then. Screenshots are one thing, gameplay is another. But in either case, Lost Odyssey seems to have a spot reserved in my game library.

Edit: My apologise, I have just seen some gameplay of Lost Odyssey. This game is very impressive. I also seen a few clips of Last Remnant. Now that game is amazing.

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