Gray 360 appears in Microsoft E3 rehearsal photos


"We don't know exactly what this means ... heck, we don't know what it means at all, but we thought it was too cool to not pass along to you. Eagle-eyed (and quick screen-grabbing) reader Rickard Gudbrand sent us a screen capture he took while looking through Gamerscore Blog's flickr photos of Microsoft's E3 rehearsal. The image shows the three Xbox 360 SKUs we all know and love, in addition to a mysterious fourth wheel that appears to be a gray 360. Making the whole thing even weirder, after Gudbrand commented on the photos' four boxes, the pic (and others showing the stage) appear to have been removed."

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FordGTGuy4027d ago

I think it might be a normal one in dim light. We need another picture of it at a different angle.

Mycococo4026d ago

its grey! why?...i dont know....

any xbox with a hdd should be iptv ready. i doubt it is specifically just that. and all xbox360 will get the falcon tech so it coulnt be just that.

if its grey its a mix between white and black. the core should be white the premium grey and the elite black. or it could be a new sku but we will find out tonight.

SaturnTo4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

I was at a Microsoft XNA Game Studio meeting at the beginning of the year, they had the Grey one there and they explained it. It was the 360 Dev kit specifically for Game Developers. This picture looks the same and it makes since to see it here as any games in development would be running on these 360's. I do recall the Hard drive was a bit larger on the dev kit though but they are still removable so they could just have the new larger hard drive on it in this photo.

ben hates you4027d ago

i think three things, one what you said, two possbily they will start releasing colors at stores maybe, it is a new sku and it pisses me off

Presidentjr4027d ago

Am hoping they are right and this is not true. Addition of a 4th SKU will put Microsoft in a very awkward position.

MK_Red4027d ago

It can be either 1.A light problem and nothing special as suggested. 2.Or the new Falcon 360.

VirusE4027d ago

It looks like a lighting problem in my opinion.

Motion4027d ago

I don't think its a lighting problem...It still has a highlight going along the top front edge and specular light on the side, it does look like it really is a grey box. I'd guess it is the falcon.

crazyman4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Thats wierd, it looks alot like a debug kit but why is it there. Also there are 2 priemiums (chrome trays + HDD) so it doesnt seem to be joystigs suggestion of a cheaper SKU

could be an elite in a brighter light so its symetrical but its just strange

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The story is too old to be commented.