Why aren't there more online handheld games?

After more than a decade of experiments with online gaming, its role is settling down. Single-player experiences sell games, but multiplayer modes offer longevity. Online gameplay still isn't usually a feature that will exclusively compel a purchase (MMOGs aside), but it will keep players engaged long after the single-player experience has faded.

So why are there so few online experiences on current handhelds? Demand for online content is at an all time high, so what is holding publishers back? Will we ever hold World of Warcraft in our hands, as in the mock-up images illustrating this piece?

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MK_Red3807d ago

A true WoW like MMO on handheld would be something. Who knows what future handheld games will be like?

PS360WII3807d ago

On the go short bursts of gaming(handheld) meets high demanding time involed game(MMO). Maybe that's why we don't see to many of them....

On a side note didn't they say Maple Story was going to come out on the DS? I thought I heard that a long time ago.

djt233807d ago

yea Maple Story is come out in 2007 in Koren and japan
in 2008 us and eup go to have it
more Koren and Japanese MMORPG is come to the ds just wait

WIIIS13807d ago

Because MS hasn't decided to enter the handheld arena yet.

sumfood4u3807d ago

I hope it doesn't cause more car crashes for Jack Thompsons Fuel!