Twisted Metal: Harbor City Outed

TheSixthAxis: Linked In seems to be the way to out new games these days, first up was Splinter Cell Convicition being revealed for PS3 (not yet confirmed but it will probably happen) and now Senior Cinematic Producer at SCEA, Jeffery Vargas has revealed that he has been working on Twisted Metal Harbor City for PS3

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guitarded772872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

If true, David Jaffe is gonna be real butt hurt he didn't get to say it first... or did he?

LordMarius2872d ago

tell me something i dont know

-Alpha2872d ago

The reason why Black was such a success was because it revitalized the stagnant Twisted Metal franchise. After it went to 989 studios it started to stink, but Jaffe brought it back to former glory, deliciously painted in Black.

That's what was so great about Black. The characters were twisted, the stories were shocking and horrific, and the whole world was greatly atmospheric. Harbor City sounds more age-friendly, but a Twisted Metal game made by Jaffe is guaranteed to be great. Can't wait for this title. Online play is what I'm starving for in Twisted Metal.

Anorexorcist2872d ago

The new Twisted Metal is still in its R&D phase, so it is likely the final title of the game will not include "Harbor City".

What's so bad about "Harbor City" though? You almost act like it's being called: "Twisted Metal: Candy Land" or something.

What if it ends up being "Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City"? That sounds good.

presto7172872d ago

Cant wait to get them trophies and play co op with my friends. Yummy.

-Alpha2872d ago

The title is fine, but I thought it may not maintain the the dark theme from Black. Personally, I want them to use the Paint it Black theme song again :)

I'm not sure if I want a Black 2 or a less darker version. When I think Harbor City I think beautiful beaches for some reason. It could very well be the opposite. Whatever, the bottom line is that I'm anticipating Twisted Metal a lot these days.

Jinxstar2872d ago

I actually have a Twisted Metal Black Poster framed above my staircase. Big fan. Hope this is true. Been praying for it a long time. Sony is doing so amazing.... BOOOOM!!!

Sevir042872d ago

OH MY GOSH!!!! WATTSON, OH MY F*CKING GOSH!!!!! the title has me thinking explosive fun and somewhat dark and gritty to a city that should be peaceful.

Liquid_Ocelot2872d ago

Am I the ONLY one that likes TM2 more than ANY other TM? :(

jack_burt0n2872d ago

yep tm2 is tops 4 me too, the style of black tho was incredible.

BO paradise style game world, darker than night setting and story, god of war gfx, tm2 gameplay............. oh f*ck yeah

Absolut_Turkey2872d ago

I'm calling it now: Twisted Metal will feature online multi-player. And it will be awesome. The Turkey has spoken.

Commander TK2872d ago

Why not save some surprises 4 E3?

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Roper3162872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

That would be effin great! Wasn't this the sequel that was in the works for TM black before the devs were killed in the plane crash? or maybe not But either way that would make me a happy gamer if it is true!!!!!!

-Alpha2872d ago

9/11? Or ordinary plane crash? Really? That's sad.

LtSkittles2872d ago

"According to bonus material on Extra Twisted Edition, the project was scrapped because of the deaths of six key developers in a plane crash. However, some claim this to be a hoax as no proof of this happening has arisen from another source."
That's what wikipedia says, and I know not the most trusted website.

-Alpha2872d ago

thanks. Actually Wiki is reliable, provided you do some fact checking and source digging. The community on Wiki is really dedicated to making sure articles are nonbiased and factual.

4221852872d ago

I haven't played any games in the series but I might try this one out.

By the way i'm writing this comment on my PS3. :)

JoySticksFTW2872d ago

Amazingly dark, twisted stories for each character

And great gameplay.... simple, yet deep

sikbeta2872d ago

You Definitely Need to Play TM:Black, that Game is f*ing Psycho!

Sweet Tooth is waiting for ya...


I hope a TM:B sequel, bigger, better and more Twisted ...

Dragon_Hiko2872d ago

Haha, This makes me feel a bit old now, but twisted metal 1 was pretty much the eye grabbing game that made me take notice of the Playstation 1. It was AMAZING for it's time, I never played anything like it, and I remained a faithful follower of the twisted metal franchise all the way through till Black. Black was definitely a nice reboot to the series at the time, and I kept waiting and waiting for another twisted metal that never came...All I have to say is a twisted metal game, especially if a lot of care goes into it, will be MIND BLOWING on the ps3. I am super excited.

gumgum992872d ago

*Watches a clip of the movie remake, Deathrace's car combat action*

*looks back at article*

*Jumps up-and-down*

OHHHH!!!!! >.<

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