100° Alpha Protocol Preview

Trying something different, Obsidian has gone for a modern-day setting for their espionage RPG. Essentially, Alpha Protocol is an intriguing entry to the RPG genre. With enough content to share over 30 hours of gameplay and several different endings, classes and styles to try out.

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MexicanAppleThief3116d ago

Might be nice, Obsidian is making it. :)

Simon_Brezhnev3116d ago

i never played any of their games but this game looks good. I hope its better then Mass Effect 2.

himdeel3115d ago

...released last year but is still so rough around the edges. Either way I'm still very interested in this game as I'd like to get my western RPG fix from Mass Effect 2 but it's not on my console of choice at the moment nor will my wife let me install it on her laptop right now :(

000000000000000000013115d ago

If it's going to be better than Mass Effect 2, it will have to be one hell of a great game. I just don't think it will make it.