More Gears To Come?

With the success of Gears of War on the Xbox 360, and its continuing powerful surge, its no surprise that rumours are abound for more from the epic Shooter...

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Lex Luthor3669d ago

4 million sold, of course there's gonna be a trilogy

SuperSaiyan43669d ago

Microsoft already confirmed themselves they want a trilogy and its Microsoft's IP anyways. Also Cliffy said there would be a sequel.

Only person to shoot it all down was Mark Rhein but his word counts for nothing since Microsoft own the IP and it was Cliffy B's game in the first place.

Havince3669d ago

if there are NOMORE gears games, thats confidence

codeazrael3669d ago

Really now? Wanna come toss my salad for practice just in case there arent any more sequels? Just trying to help.

ItsAsinghTing3669d ago

It's not even a rumour it's already happening.

and there's also a movie in the pipeline.

boi3669d ago

F*** the movie...will be a silly Hollywood crap!

anyways yea Gears of war 2 :D

Delive3669d ago

This was confirmed so many times already. Gears 1 year, Halo the next.

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The story is too old to be commented.