Dead Rising 'felt too Japanese' - Capcom

CVG: Capcom has disclosed its regret over making the original Dead Rising game feel 'too Japanese' - and its belief that this year's sequel will fit a lot more comfortably with a Western audience.

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Sorry Capcom, but the absolute best games I played this generation are all "too Japansese". One of them happens to be one of your games, so...

I wonder if they're willing hopping into that hole SE has been stuck in since their merger.

Noctis Aftermath3142d ago

Here we go, another japanese developer changing their already well recieved game to "suit" what they think the western audience wants, it's square enix all over again.

raztad3142d ago

Kind of funny. I thought DR was an success among the western xbox audience. I read so many good positive reviews. Why to change something was already very well received?

Simon_Brezhnev3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

same way they fúcked up Sf4 notice how everybody is built to suit the stereotype western taste. You can compare Ryu in SF4 vs Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and tell which character model looks better.

nycredude3142d ago

The only thing that stopped me from finishing the first one was the freaking damn save system! i don't mind at all the japapese stuff but damn it sucks to fight your way through the courtyard among thousands of zombies and then through the mall just to die right outside the save point in the freaking bathroom!!!!!!

Hakimy3142d ago

so after having many great japanese games for more than 20 years,suddenly some people think that a game being japanese or more japanese is a bad thing! :P

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Catharsis3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

No offense here, but what on earth are they on about? There was absolutely nothing conventionally 'Japanese' about the game; it could've been 100% western for all I knew.

The game was universally acclaimed and amazing even if it was 'Japanese' or not. Don't go changing what's not broken.

GiantEnemyCrab3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

That is the exact reason I loved it! The quirky style it had seems to be completely missing in the sequel. Now it's all about testostrone and the stereotypical American..

Wow, this is the worst thing I could hear coming from Capcom when they are going to try and sell me the sequel.. There has been only 1 thing I like so far and that is the increased zombie count. But everything from the shoe-horned cheezy sounding multiplayer to the new Chuck "I'm an American so FU" Green character, there is nothing I'm liking about this game now and I was a huge fan of the first.

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IronAva3142d ago

Why o Why must that take the goodness out of the game. I loved DR for what it was and still is. I will give DR 2 a chance but as of right now, the first DR will always be the best.

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