Project Natal Makes The Gadget Show's '10 To Watch In 2010'

CC: The Gadget Show presenters have listed Microsoft's Project Natal as one of the top ten gadgets to look out for in 2010.

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Logiistics3172d ago

Gadget show speak the truth

mjolliffe3172d ago

If usual Wii families catch on, Natal could be a real success. Otherwise I see it doing OK...

I'll be buying both Natal and Move though :)

DelbertGrady3172d ago

Gadget show are ignorant, biased and owned by MS. And Satanists.

blitz06233172d ago

The hype just keeps building up. It would be a shame if Natal fails, but just like any hyped game/gadget, it is highly likely to sell well, regardless if it's good or not.

IdleLeeSiuLung3172d ago

Yes, it is hyped by people a lot, but it seems like genuine interest not necessarily a marketing push from MS yet. Almost everyone I have heard try it have responded very positive to it. The only people that seems to be negative is here at n4g.

With the hype from the public though it is certain to not meet that expectation. Either way, from what I have seen, I'm pleased with the technology and hope for some excellent games casual or hardcore.

HolyOrangeCows3172d ago

"it plays well – not brilliantly – just well"


Bigpappy3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Natal, is like magic (Noting in my hands nothing in the bag). People just LOVE it. Its a media darling (a celebrity if you will). I remember "Elmo", "Cabbage Patch", "Wii", "Ipod" and now.... introducing........ NATALLL!!! The new hot product for holidays 2010. If you don't have one you are a square! Hahahaaah...

It is fun reading about little Natal being picked on by these PS3 bullies. "No, no, no! What about Move and Eyetoy? They are made by Sony for crying out load!" Its not that big a deal. Natal is just a controller, an add-on for that matter, just another web cam. So how much harm can it really do? You guy are panicing and E3 is no even here yet. M$ has not even ran one add. It is just the Media getting excited about something that they see as exciting and new. More so that even the Wii. It is up to Sony to convince the casuals and the media that the "move" is not not the wii in HD. Natal has already distinguished itself with out even releasing one game. This is the easiest money M$ will ever make (Fire all the PR folks and just put a Natal on the floor of every major game and fitness store. 15 mil sold in december alone.

"Mom its Natal from TV! The game where you can kick and punch the monsters. Bigpappy got one!"

silvacrest3172d ago

peoples imaginations and interest in "new tech" is fueling the natal hype but make no mistake, if the games are meh, theres lag etc, the hype can only go so far before even casuals wake up

also, no ps3 fan is panicking, 360 fans among others are just overhyping a unproven controller, if natal is everything M$ wants us to believe then fair enough, but nothing shown yet proves this

no doubt, sony will have to put out some awesome ads to show what move can really do while M$ can literally do no advertising because "control-less gaming" is bound to appeal to the casuals

Urmomlol3172d ago

Makes sense. It does look pretty sweet.

Bigpappy3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I agree with most of what you had to say. The exception would be the part where you say "no ps3 fan is panicking". Yes 360 fans get excited and over-hype before the game, and many PS3 fans think everyone who tested Natal and is blown away by it, is either a bias liar who or paid of by M$. So may be your are right about that also. I might have chosen the wrong word. I will correct that by saying: They are in denial. There, fixed!

P.S. I clicked the agree button.

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Valay3172d ago

I'll watch out for it, but I'm still somewhat skeptical.

Nicaragua3172d ago

The gadget show is ok for getting your product out there to people who dont follow whats happening with technology, but as an actual technology review program its total shat.

SpaceSquirrel3172d ago

Yeah, I think it needs a big showing.

Apocalypse Shadow3172d ago

**Bradbury’s been playing video games for a long time, and with Natal experience after testing the device at a top secret demonstration for UK celebs, he knows what he’s talking about.**

no GDC showing for celebs.....can't wait for the top japanese celebs and the us celebs articles and there something wrong with this picture?

guess GAMERS don't matter with this product.looks like real gamers may have a negative effect on its they are not getting hands on.can't wait for oprah winfrey and martha stewart's impressions.but here are my thoughts posted earlier in another thread...

you need tons of space to have to stand far away to allow the camera to see you and other player's bodies.wasn't necessary to release when natal is more software than hardware and could have been mostly done with the VISION CAM.

celebrities......even nintendo didn't use this tactic.

it's like now when actors and athletes are not used in beer and liquor commercials in america because they didn't really USE THE PRODUCT.they just got people to buy something because they said is was good.not that it really was good.and possibly get kids to want beer before legal age.BUT THEY WILL GET PAID TO SELL IT TO YOU.

should sell well if they can get **non-gamers** to get you to buy it with pretty smiles and toned physiques.and not on it's ability to change gaming and move it forward without buttons.

Xi3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Rockband probably needs more space than natal, that didn't stop it from being a success, same goes for wii fit.

As for your vision camera spam, saying it over and over again doesn't make it true. Developers have used it and worked with it, they're not they're same, hardware experts have said their not the same, so WHY do you keep saying it is?

Your comments come off as being scared, of what? I have no idea.

Christopher3172d ago


At most, RockBand only requires a 2'x2' amount of space for the drum kit, which can be played from a couch or chair. Otherwise, it's all peripherals that fit in your hands.

Now, to be honest, the amount of space needed for Natal is going to rely entirely on the game itself, not the hardware.

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