Britxbox: Resonance of Fate Review

Richard Worrall writes: "It begins with a broken watch. Dropped from countless storeys above, it shatters amongst the crowd, its owner soon following in her own descent. An allusion to the clockwork city of Basel through which she falls, it reflects the ruin of this colossal vertical structure. Designed to purify the Earth's poisoned air, Basel also regulates the term of its citizens' lives. But recently, instead, whole sections have been sealed off due to dysfunction, and monsters have begun to encroach upon a fearful public.

When the watch's owner is saved by another youngster in a daring rescue, she joins his group of hunters, led by the cocksure maverick Vashyron (voiced by Nolan North of Uncharted, no less). Together, the trio work as guns for hire, pursuing all manner of jobs that, it would seem, have as little to do with the potent back-story as possible. From a chef needing his kitchen knives, to a son with a missing father (he's just in the local café), there is a peculiarly dreary flavour to proceedings.

It's an odd circumstance for a traditional JRPG to forsake a dramatic story, but then the packaging does state (in charmingly poor grammar), "RPG is redefined". While local exploration of the game's locales is entirely familiar and unremarkable (except for the notably underwhelming visuals), the battle system certainly doesn't fit the traditional definition of the JRPG, and it's there that Resonance of Fate shines."

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