Crysis 2 Lead Writer Slams Killzone 2.

The sci-fi novelist hired by Crytek to pen Crysis 2 has allegedly slammed Killzone 2 Graphics - claiming " What I have seen of Crysis 2 in Alpha Stages, Surpasses Killzone 2 ".

The lead writer has already slammed the two dominant market leader FPS titles such as the well renowed Halo series and MW 2. Mentioning bold claims stateing "I thought Modern Warfare 2 was an immense disappointment," and "Halo Is Bullshit". Halo has revolutionized console FPS and online scene. Both have record breaking sales and have huge fan bases. Crysis 2 will have to be one hell of a game to even match up to Halo Reach coming this Fall.

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Wrathman3116d ago

if i was a ps3 fanboy,id take this as a compliment.he clearly wants you guys to play this.because he knows that ps3fans love graphics over substance.

KazumaKiryu3116d ago

Says the xkid who probably loves gears of war, one of the most boring and repetitive games I have played this gen.

avengers19783115d ago

Well when the game your making is being compared to KZ2, and that is your personal benchmark, and KZ2 will be about a year and 9 mos old when crysis 2 comes out, they really don't have room to talk.
Oh, and Crysis was a terrible game. Crytek better watch themselves, if they keep insulting people they are going to end up flopping hard.

EvilBlackCat3115d ago

oooohhhh and Killzone 1-2 are the best games ever right?

Crysis > Killzone 1-2

ChrisW3115d ago

So... let me get this right... KZ2 was the absolute best? Nothing will ever beat KZ2, especially in graphics?

Well if so, then I guess I won't give a brown-stinky-sausage about KZ3!

Come on fangirls, bars are meant to be surpassed!!!

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Noble Spartan3116d ago

What The?! This guy should stop running his mouth.First MW2 then Halo and if this is true killzone 2?! Killzone 2 had great graphics. This guy is becoming a troll.

Crysis 2 will have to live up to this unknown guys statements. As he dissed the dominant FPS titles already.

Also Crytec Graphics doesn't make a good game part of it is. Crysis PC had mindblowing visuals but the game? Was just average shooter that copied and pasted the Halo suit with awful story and characers..Mind you multiplayer was never heard of. Where as MW2 Halo KZ2 have great multiplayer also with campaign.

lociefer3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

oh look, another Greenbug in the making

Icyhot3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Ah the PR trash talk. KZ2... It's always KZ2.. Oh how have you embarrassed the world with living up to the CGI expectation and now the entire world is hell bent on beating you (and failing on numerous occasions).

Boy just imagine the paranoia when KZ3 gets showcased for the very first time :) No it can't... Bububu that must be CGI... 360 can do betterz!!!... It's Smoke and Mirrors I tell ya.... Beyond3D writing KZ3 will fail articles.. Can't wait for article number 504 putting down that as well.

Bashing a year old game with a PC version isn't fair IMO lol.

Winter47th3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Well I don't recon Crysis 2's story to be the next Usual Suspects.

Can't wait to see what he's gonna say next.

"Crash Bandikoot is not mesmerizing!"

Icyhot3116d ago

Besides, I don't exactly understand the PR strategy here. They have put down MW2, Halo and KZ2.. If you are a shooter fan, you are bound to like at least 1 of those (if not all). So putting all 3 down is as good as turning the 360 and PS3 fanbase against you lol. They might be thinking it's hying Crysis, but actually they are turning both the fanbases against it.

Just previously in the Halo article, I saw a lot of 360 gamers commenting 'Hope this fails.. Reach is gonna own Crysis 2....'... I know we are gonna see the same here (replace Halo with KZ). So Crytek ain't really helping themselves with such BS talk.

Jamie Foxx3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Who wants to bet me that killzone 3 when premiered at this years e3 will make this guy look like the utter jerkwad he is?kz2 still worries idiots like him,god help him come e3 kz3 will do damage.....
Halo is a blockbuster game,and kz2 is graphically amazing,he needs to learn more respect.

Noctis Aftermath3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Nice headline...

MexicanAppleThief3116d ago

This Crysis better deliver then. Killzone 2 has some of the best multiplayer and graphics I've played this gen and I'm not sure about Halo but I'm sure that game is pretty epic too (hundreds of thousands still play to this day, so thats a strong testament).

This game better be the fps's to end all fps's.

-Alpha3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

First of all, he doesn't slam K2 like FishyFingers below says. He gives his honest opinion that Crysis will look better. If somebody asks him that question he is obviously going to say it looks better than the highest standard console game, Killzone 2 in terms of graphics.

He never slams Killzone 2, just says his game looks better. Considering Crysis 2 is going to run on PC and that Killzone 2 is an older game there is no doubt that it will look great. Whether it will look better or not needs to be seen but he doesn't bash Killzone.

No need to get upset at the Lead Writer, please read the article first. This is only to piss off PS3 fans and will slander Crysis for no reason.


He hasn't said anything wrong. Why are PS3 fans so shocked that Crysis 2 is promising to look better than Killzone 2? FFS, K2 is a year old and is bound to get beaten eventually. Is it that hard to believe that Crysis, which is known for its immense PC graphics can do it? He isn't SLAMMING KILLZONE! Read the article, the title is very twisted and biased to draw anger from PS3 fans.

Killzone 2 will be beaten. That's the reality of it. Maybe it will be K3 that does it, maybe it will be Crysis 2, but it's delusional to act as if technology hasn't advanced since K2 was made. Killzone 2's engine was created well over a year ago, it's 2010 now. The writer never slammed K2.

What a shame this industry is when writers can get by on headlines to make it to the top. No wonder guys like HHG are so popular. People blame guys like HHG for his headlines when in reality he isn't at fault for all the dense fans that are easy to bait.

Joule3116d ago

do you always write giant paragraphs, I dont even think half the people read those things.

young juice3116d ago

normally i would agree with you but

" What I have seen of Crysis 2 in Alpha Stages, Surpasses Killzone 2 "

it kinda sounds like a diss to me, he also crushes halo and mw2.

this dude definitely has some

B itter
E motions
E nvy and
F ear

StanLee3116d ago

This guy loves running his mouth doesn't he. This game better deliver of the Crysis franchise and their vaunted engine is dead in the water.

Shepherd 2143116d ago

Man this guy is all over the place today isnt he.

Solidus187-SCMilk3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

After ragging on halo I KNEW they wuold go after KZ2 next.

I didnt realize they already called MW2 a "major disappointment" LOL.

This pretty much guarantees that ALOT of people are going to say "Crysis 2 story Sucks" and "crysis 2 graphics disappoint."

Crytec should tell this guy to be quiet. I like their strategy off pissing of the fans of every popular FPS. Its still just a rental for me most likely.

This guys next statement: "SECTION 8 WAS DOG [email protected]"

N4BmpS3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Crytek might want to shut this guy up seriously he just insulted two big exclusives and a multiplatform game, not too many people respond well to slander. Granted Crysis 2 looks great and I've said this before many times Graphics is not where this game fell short it was story, gameplay and a consistent pace(I think I said that right). But really this guy needs to watch what he says.

Edit: You have a point Alpha but opinion or not he knew what he was saying, he knew how people would take it. It's technically slander. But whatever if I can afford it, I'll buy it.

lil Titan3116d ago

i hope what he says is true, any game that comes out after a previous game dont care what system should look better than the previous game and if it doesnt there is a problem with either the system or the development team working on the game. i hope Halo 3 looks better than killzone 2 too simply because it came out later or whatever project insomniac has to look better than Halo 3 it should look better/play better

RememberThe3573116d ago

When he talked about Halo and MW2, that was a slam. This is just a guy saying his game looks better than other games. DICE said Bad Company 2 would rival Uncharted 2 in graphics and that did not happen.

nix3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

KZ2 is a king of FPS graphics when it comes to consoles! media may choose to ignore it but everyone knows.

i am not a fan of FPS but i bought this game just because it looked so great. and it plays great too. for the first time in my life i played FPS MP. it's that good! 32 players with great graphics rocks.

well... i hope the Crysis 2 is as good looking as KZ2 on PS3. oh.. boy, that will be worth the wait.

Redrum0593116d ago

A multiplat game talking sh*t about two exclusive titans, judging from the console screens, this guy is full of bs.

Darkstorn3116d ago

I can understand slamming Killzone 2's story, but not its graphics. Killzone 2 has some of the best graphics around, and the best lighting system I've ever seen.

And Crysis' narrative is no great shakes either.

exnihilonihilfit3116d ago

That's not really a slam. Saying Killzone 2's graphics surpass Halo 3 wouldn't be a slam either. It would be a statement of fact. I'm skeptical of his claim, as I'm a huge KZ2 fan, but that's not a slam, and not even really a dis. Either it's a fact or it's promotional jargon, but he didn't say that KZ2 graphics were bad, he just said his games graphics are better. I don't have a problem believing him either, since Crysis 2 will be coming out nearly 2 years after KZ2, so the graphics should be getting better. Not only that, but he doesn't qualify whether or not he was looking at a console version of the game or PC version. PC version of Crysis 2 better look better than KZ2, it's on a frearkin' PC and Crytek is supposed to be graphics king.

The articles title is just flame bait, and if my fellow KZ2 fans can't see that, then they're just buying into what this article's bitter flamebait author wanted them to.

I have no problem with what this writer guy said, I have a problem with the guy who wrote this article for blowing it way out of proportions. I'm still gonna get Crysis 2, PS3 version no matter what, since I do expect it to be one of the best games graphically on consoles, whether or not it meets or surpasses KZ2. KZ3 is another story though.

thebudgetgamer3116d ago

its not gonna be easy.

but i want every game i play to be the best game i ever played.

Therealspy033116d ago

i take it then, that you guys don't agree that mw2 was a big disappointment?

seems to me this guy is just saying things in strong support of the company he currently works for (which is probably part of his job), and many of you are blowing it out of proportion.

if a reporter comes up to you and asks you questions, what are you supposed to say? "sorry, i can't respond to that cuz a buncha fanboys will blow it outta proportion on gaming forums."


fr0sty3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

well, the screens they've released for crysis 2 so far must have been from a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha stage, because they are NOWHERE near killzone 2 in quality. horrible textures, aliasing... not much ground for him to stand on.

like this one, for instance...

the textures on the rocks to the right of the gun... what are those 12x12 resolution? or how about that "fire" on the left? even the logos on the blue banner overhang are blurred out. not to mention the horrible aliasing or the bump mapping on the surface of the rock that makes it look more like mud. pretty much everything on the lower 2/3 of the image looks terrible.

-Alpha3116d ago

Fair enough. I am skeptical of his claim, but don't think he is slamming Killzone 2's graphics at all. He isn't saying K2's graphics are bad, just that Crysis 2's is better. The title is misleading.

Rhythmattic3116d ago

Stop wallowing.... And....

Cold 20003116d ago

I knew it would take a PS3 exclusive bashing for people to react to this guys arrogance ^^

Look at the disagrees the first post got for the Halo diss. How the heck do you want to disagree with that

Hilarious change of attitude all of a sudden :D

vhero3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

A writer can trash talk storys as he knows what he is talking about but when it comes to graphics he should shut the hell up. Especially when he is comparing a game in alpha stages. @cold I agree with you somewhat but he was right about halos story it did suck.

meetajhu3116d ago

Killzone 2 is > any FPS till date. Crysis is very good but can't match the visual quality and the feel of battle.

thebudgetgamer3116d ago

you're in both, whining like someone poured sand in your bagingo.

Jamie Foxx3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Wouldn't have received my comment about kz3, and HELL NO do I read articles when I see headlines like that,I refuse to give flamebait site hits

Alpha your ok but You invest to much emotion in n4g that's why you comment daily,its the 'christs sake' which makes me believe that,but anyway on topic if his not slammin kz2 then the contributor is a douche

ozps33116d ago

According to yur logic the next Mario game on the wii should be better than unchartered 2 and kz2?


ps3 is the graphic king. Nothing on 360 can match it

BattleAxe3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

From the screenshots I've seen, this game looks to be on par with MW2. So far it doesn't even come close to KZ2.

Tachyon_Nova3116d ago

Um, what do you mean, this guy needs to stop running his mouth? He is being interviewed by lots of people. Why? Because he is the lead author for what promises to be one of the best games of the year.

So when he is asked about the graphical level of KZ2 compared to Crysis 2, is he meant to decline to comment, in stead of giving his own personal opinion.

Why is there so much flaming going on regarding this guy? The title of this article is just ridiculous. He by no means slams the game, not even it's graphics. Same with Halo. He did not say the game was BS, merely that the story was BS, which to be honest is a criticism I've heard from a lot of players and journalists. Regarding MW2, I think perhaps his comments were over the top, but AFAIK, MW2 had huge potential for the story to be really fleshed out, and IW simply didn't make it happen.

Just one more thing, why are so many people saying that this game had better be the best game ever or Crytek will never have credit as a game designer again? Richard Morgan is not employed at Crytek, he is merely being contracted to right the script/story for this game. And in any case, he has not said anything about gameplay, let alone the online side of the game, he has only commented on graphics and story.

He is not 'running his mouth', he is merely being interviewed, because people are interested in what he has to say. Thank you.

tinybigman3116d ago

because NO multiplatform game will outshine an exclusive in graphics. this doesnt make me look forward to their game as they keep running their mouth.

Syronicus3116d ago

Say it ain't so!


Ju3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Would be very curious to see that. Prove it. Than that's all fine to me.

Coincidentally I just played KZ2 again yesterday. And I still believe that game surpasses everything out there, even UC2 and GoW3. The immersion in Elite mode is unmatched. An adrenalin rush every second. Best AI I have ever seen. No other games flanks you like KZ2. No other game has animations like KZ2 (death animations, those damn higs get back on their feet again, the bullet impact physics is unmatched - it simply does not exist in any other game - shoot the guy into the shoulder and he rotates back, etc.) Arctower battle - where you face those higs across that building. The destruction there is just awesome (shave off that pillar to destroy the cover - and it has an impact how you hit the guys. That combined with the smoke particles).

I want to see all that in Crysis2 or just put up or shut up.

But good job hyping your game, Crytek.

8thnightvolley3115d ago

The way i look at it is this, crtek really do look at themselves as royalty but to be honest consoles are not really where they have the big guns,.. thou i believe crysis2 would be a fine game but they are counting their eggs already and they havnt even gotten close to release date and are already seriously badmouthing all the big boys of the industry e.g halo,kz2 mw2 and the rest i say this and i will say this again if CRYSIS2 doesnt have such a story and gamplay and graphics that would win and oscar i will RIP THIS GAME A NEW ONE!

callahan093115d ago

So basically his tactic is to say that all popular and well-received FPS games are disappointing. Whatever. And Killzone 2 is over a year old now and still looks absolutely amazing every time I play it.

sikbeta3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

This is So Amazing, always talking about KZ2, sure the Game set the Bar High, IF not why almost every time we read an article about KZ2 or Almost every time a KZ2 Comparison, I can't wait for KZ3, it's Going to be More and More Big and It'll more and more articles all over the place

deafwing3115d ago

I guess if you're making a game and you want people to buy it you have to slam everything else (LOL). I mean Crysis looks cool but I guess people have lost the idea of what humility is all about these days.

EvilBlackCat3115d ago


Now all eyes in the gaming industry are on Crysis 2


Hideo_Kojima3115d ago

You see developer teams like Naughty Dog give credit and admit they learned from each other... Bungie and Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog.

And than you see developers like him who CLAIM this gens Hardware is not good enough and they will wait until PS4 to bring Crysis on console but when they see what others are managing with Killzone 2 they bad mouth them eat there own words and release games on consoles.

His a major hypocrite.

PSFan1003115d ago

We've seen Crysis 2 screen shoots and tech demo, it doesn't look as good as killzone 2.
Crysis 1 looks the best, still, when turned to max, but if the PCs settings are set to the same as the PS3 it would look rubbish in comparison.

SPACEBALL 13115d ago

i dont know why these crysis guys are so arrogant? the first crysis was a sh!tty game. sure it had good graphics, but that only goes so far when the game is as boring as watching the grass grow. his game better be good or else gamers everywhere will sh!t all over this guy

inveni03115d ago

I don't think it's strange to think you've developed a better engine than the competition. I don't think it's strange to share your thoughts. But I do think it's strange to have a complete lack of respect for industry leaders who have done more for raising the bar than all others.

Killzone 2 did what no one else has been able to do--bring PC quality graphics to consoles. And, while I hate Halo, I have to respect them for helping to lift FPS games out of the toilet. Halo gave the genre a boost, and Killzone 2 gave the quality a boost.

In my opinion, having this level of disrespect stems from jealousy. He'd better hope the game delivers or Crytek won't be hiring his services in the future.

4Sh0w3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

4Sh0w - 10 hours ago
Ignore26 - Let's see, hmmm if I make an outrageous comment about Halo
well maybe, just maybe more people will pay attention to my game which might possibly generate a bit more sales just out of curiosity, lol, even if I fail, I win.

Now, the only change I would make is remove the word "outrageous" because reading his qoute I don't think his comment is outrageous, because Crysis2 does look very good, likely will surpass KZ2 but the rest of my comment stands, seems to me he's using big name games to draw attention to his game.

Dude4203115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I hate how this site is my number 1 place for gaming news because there's nothing else like it. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing blown out of proportion titles that just draw in hate from both sides.

What also annoys me about this site is that in every article, more than half the comments consist of dumb fanboys that just want to hate for some stupid reason, never read articles and just plain troll for kicks. It's really sad and pathetic.

Even though there were more Xbox360 fanboys a few years back, I honestly think this site has gotten progressively worse over the years. Positive comments like alpha-male's simply get ignored, and if there's a response to him, it's usually a troll.

Once in a while there's a decent conversation, but even then, a fanboy will still manage to make a Combo-Breaker. Fanboys should at least evolve and start reading articles themselves. If there's an article about MS doing something wrong, then ok, you can hate on them all you want.

It should be up to the journalists as well to smarten up and make better headlines than just utter flamebait.

Dee_913115d ago

Well the graphics do look better and should look better since this game isnt even out yet. Well on PC lol But iff kz2 was on pc it would smash crysis graphics IMO
KZ3 is another story .I know its too soon to speak but i thiink it will have the best graphics period on console and pc because of all the comparisons to kz2. They will try to set the graphics for the next 2 gens lol

Rock Bottom3115d ago

I like this guy, he's turning out to be the new Denis Dyack, I think we're in for a big laugh at the end.

bnaked3115d ago

360 and PS3 fanboys side by side against Crysis 2. That would be awesome :-)

jjohan353115d ago

This guy is turning Crytek into Valve. If this guy was this arrogant, I think it was a mistake that Crytek brought him on board.

3115d ago
SeanRL3115d ago

The sad part is everything he says is true. Think about it, Halo and Cod have bad story's, and crysis will probably beat kz2 in graphics. He doesn't have to be such a douchebag about it, but it's true.


Its Crysis...of course its going to be the best looking fps...duh!

ShadowRyuX3115d ago

This dude is right, MW2 is a disappointment, Halo has pretty bad writing, and Killzone 2 probably won't look as good as Crysis 2. The only thing is Killzone 2 is only on ps3 and is over a year old while Halo has no excuse for the crappy writing and MW2 has no excuse for being a disappointment.

JD_Shadow3115d ago


I don't think he actually slammed KZ2, either, and this site was flamebaiting things with their sensationalist and misleading headline. His quote was this:

" As the lead writer of Crysis 2, they have numerous times showed me Crysis 2. This way i can visualise [sic] the scenes and scripts for the story events. I can tell you now What I have seen of Crysis 2 in Alpha Stages, Surpasses Killzone 2 " .

I didn't see a slam in there. Only him being very (VERY) confident that C2 is going to set the graphical bar higher than KZ2 did. Thing is, not many people on N4G, on either side, actually read this article to see that.

@Cold2000: So I'm guessing that, by the sounds of your comment, that you thought KZ2 was a good game. That must mean that you think that a PS3 game is a good game, which also means that you have finally made some progress. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into your flamebaiting comment.

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snaileri3116d ago

The claim might be accurate if it would be PC exclusive.
The original Crysis is still the best looking game, even if compared to any game on any platform.
Anyone arguing with that haven't actually played the game with full graphical details enabled.
The screenshots just don't justify it, neither do some low-bitrate Youtube video.

KingME3115d ago

Funny, this wasn't that big of a deal on N4G when they were talking smack about the 360 yesterday.

Fishy Fingers3116d ago

"What I have seen of Crysis 2 in Alpha Stages, Surpasses Killzone 2"

LOL... Thats "slamming" is it? And frankly put, it damn well should look better than KZ2. Within a few months well be looking at KZ3 and the fact people still use KZ2 as a yard stick is a compliment in itself.

"slams" pfft... Nice headline.

Pennywise3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Sensationalism is the cool thing to do with your headlines!

Kz2 came out over a year ago. They really need to step it up if that is their comparison game. Plus, he is probably comparing the PC version to a PS3 game.

Fishy Fingers3116d ago

Basically he's been asked how it stacks up visually to the competition and he's probably just given his honest opinion. Like the Halo comment or MW2, it's really not a big deal.

But thanks to the headlines used to portray it, it will be twisted.

Pennywise3116d ago

Yeah, I read the headline thinking this guy is shooting off his mouth at every game today(He bashed halo earlier) and when I read what he said it wasn't even close to "Slamming". He is just giving an example of a game with good graphics that we thinks the game beats. Big deal.