Pachter's March NPD Predictions: First Software Sales Growth Of 2010

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has provided his estimates for the March 2010 NPD sales data.

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Ziriux3173d ago

Patcher's predictions are as unpredictable as the economy.

mjolliffe3173d ago

What if he's right though.

We won't hear the last of it. Ever. :O

3XP3173d ago

Who keep provoking this douche to make predictions.

jjacinto233173d ago

Here's why God of War III (PS3 exclusive), and Final Fantasy XIII (i know it was also in 360 but more than 2x the people bought in ps3) and for the wii he's right

Megaton3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I thought he stopped doing these after being wrong on pretty much a monthly basis. I remember he only got like 2 months right for the leader between 360/PS3 during the whole year of 2008.

ClownBelt3173d ago

Remember the PS3 didn't have any Final Fantasy 13 bundle unlike the 360.

jjacinto233173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

not a system seller, i could just get a faceplate from ebay and TADA ffxiii xbox 360, the bundle wasn't even special only the actual box itself, so what you say now? i'll wait for ur response

The Maxx3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Ya remember FF XIII was also exclusive in Japan where 2 million out of the 3.2 million sales world wide took place. Hmmmm. A little unfair to use FFXIII in your argument when it was exclusive on the PS3 in the number 1 region in the world that buys Final Fantasy games.

jjacinto233173d ago

This is NPD (only USA). but we all know that already ps3 version of ff13 sold more

darthv723173d ago

I would garner the ps3 would be higher than 360 due to gow 3 and ff13. Yet if the 360 sold more then it is interesting to see the software sales for gow3 and ff13.

Seems the only thing to stop the ds is the next ds. i recently got the psp go and have to say i really like it. Games I have purchased in digital form i redownloaded to the go and keep my original for my umd's.

vhero3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

NPD results are always rough predictions and never clear results just because patchers names there don't say they are false all of a sudden. You 360 fanboys are just gutted because PS3 is so close to 360 this month only 20k difference.. PS3 sells more than 20k consoles a week over 360 in Japan you think they care about losing that many sales in US? I feel sorry for all the sad people buying Wii still who are they?? Americans must have like 3 wiis in there homes now..

It's funny about the PS3 though as 20k behind and its in short supply imagine if it had plenty of stock nationwide.. It's even in short stock UK now went to local GAME and Gamestation this week and they completely sold out. So its not just confined to US it seems. I think a new SKU might be on its way in E3 as you can no longer find 120gb models anywhere only 250gb and they hard to find right now.

Mr Marbles3173d ago

loses, every PS3 sold cost them money, and in this economy that is bad, very bad. I do not think they sold 400,000 PS3s last month, not with the artificially generated shortages.

At the same time I dont think 400 thousand 360s sold either, Pachter is just really bad at predicting NPD numbers.

Hakimy3173d ago

this month ps3 had amazing worldwide sales and it passed the xbox360 hardware sales for this month again thanks to japan and for the US, there were a week or two where the ps3 sold more but mostly the xbox360 sold more in the US.I say the gap for this month in the US will be between 20k and 40k for the xbox360 ;)

mikeslemonade3173d ago

You all like to bash Pacter's predictions but the truth is he is probably a better predicter than you are.

Karum3172d ago

I'd imagine his boss does, since these kind of predictions are what he's paid to do.

I'd love to get his job and pull numbers out of my ass. I'd actually love to see the data and logic he uses at official meetings and such to support his predictions, I'm sure I could look at last years figures and make a prediction lol.

badz1493172d ago

so...based on current trends of his predictions, the PS3 might sold more! I don't predict based on sales data because I don't have hard proof about that but I was always right predicting based on his predictions! so, 360 beware! :P

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rezzah3173d ago

It must be theonly thing hes got going for him before he dies. trying to remain in histories books lmao.

cervantes993173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Good numbers for the PS360 - too bad for Sony that the PS3 is still in short supply. M$ has some great bundles though.

three11_mtl3173d ago

NPD Numbers don't necessarely represent the absolute truth either. They are definitely the ones with more credibility but their research methods are not perfect. Correct me if I'm wrong but some major retail chains are not taken into consideration in their research.

I think though that PS3 will have a slight advantage over 360 on the NPD results...

Strikepackage Bravo3173d ago

USA isn't the world !!!!!

oh wait, these aren't official numbers yet, OK nevermind.

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