Cancelled Halo MMO Details

IncGamers' Tim McDonald talks to ex-Ensemble Studio staffer, current Windstorm Studios founder and president Dusty Monk about the Halo MMO that was in development at Ensemble prior to the studio's closure.

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FangBlade3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Microsoft kinda ruined the Halo franchise with Halo Wars and ODLC (or is it ODST?),
Halo MMO would've killed it completely.

Leord3168d ago


I can't really see how Halo Wars would have anything to do with the main Halo franchise, other than lore.

Is that what you mean was killed, or just was a bad game with the franchise's name on it?

Cogo3168d ago

I can see what he means - I didn't like Halo Wars either.

FangBlade3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Exactly what I meant.
Halo Wars Halo ODST and even Halo Legends kinda ruined the Halo franchise IMO.
They should've stayed true to the franchise.

Reibooi3168d ago


Gotta disagree with that. ODST is a great game. It's insanely short and priced to high but a great game nonetheless.(I Gameflyed it so I would not have have to buy it).

Halo Wars wasn't bad it was just far to simple for a RTS which stemmed from the fact that it was developed as a console RTS and they had to keep it simple so the controller would be able to control it quickly and effectively. Seeing as the Halo series was originally intended to be a RTS I found it fitting to see one actually happen.

As far as this MMO goes. I'm glad it didn't happen. A MMO just doesn't fit the Halo universe and the concept stuff they showed proves that. It look like that Masterchief clone was using to swords right out of WoW. It really didn't look good.

Elven63168d ago

Fang: Have you even played Halo Wars or Halo 3: ODST? They DO stay true to the franchise, everything in those games is canon either mentioned directly in the games or in the original books/short films. Those games didn't review or sell badly either, people liked them.

I haven't seen Halo: Legends so I can't comment on that.

On topic: The Halo MMO sounds like it could have brought some pretty innovative ideas to MMO's at the time if released in the 04-07 time period like mentioned in the interview. Whether it would have fit with the Halo universe, I can't say. It would have been cool to see Blizzard and Ensemble at it again, my greatest RTS memories to this day are from those two companies!

Hank Hill3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Halo Wars was just an attempt to get the PC RTS gamers off Starcraft and on board with the Xbox, of course it failed to do so. ODST was just a quick cash in. Both games left somewhat of a sour taste in the mouths of some of the Halo fanbase and this MMO is going too far so I think it was smart for Microsoft to cancel it.

Hands Up For Games3168d ago

How do you have so many Bubbles?


Halo odst was awesome in my book, short, but playing it on legendary I got more playtime from it then some short games that have been out this gen.

I didn't play Halo wars so can't say much there.

for me it was Halo legends that was the odd ball that just didn't belong ( from a story point of view )

The last flim with John in it was cool, the rest of it should have been the same. the first two short films where cortana goes into the whole history lesson completely ruined it for me.

I consider myself a halo fan, Halo CE is still my no 1 fps. I have read all the books. halo 2 and 3 were cool, but there were things in the story I felt ended up messing it up a bit... but halo legends, I wiped that little miss-hap clean out of my memory.

Halo MMO, maybe it would have been good, maybe not, we will never know.

EvilBlackCat3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

"Microsoft kinda ruined the Halo franchise with Halo Wars and ODLC (or is it ODST?), Halo MMO would've killed it completely"


How did MS ruined Halo Franchise with Halo Wars? please illuminate us with your wise knowledge!

and how the halo MMO was going to be a complete piece of garbage?!!

please wise poopman en light us!!!

"Just to give you a couple of examples," Monk elaborated, "we were using a heroic stylised artform. This heroic stylised artform is exactly the artform that you see being used in Star Wars: The Old Republic right now. It's timeless. It doesn't age itself like a game that's built with a strictly realistic artform does."

"We were developing a cover system. This cover system is in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We had the idea of quests - and like I said, this was between 2004 and 2007, before Warhamer Online had been released - but we had this idea of quests where you could participate and pull them together without having to be on the same team. This would be a public quest that everyone in a particular area could work on. That idea went into Warhammer Online."

I guess Old Republic mmo is bnllsh1t right FANG?!


HALO WARS is the best RTS on consoles ever!!! IS USER FRIENDLY if u dont get it you are the most moronic rts gamer ever.

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Maticus3168d ago

It would've been a WoW contender alright from the sounds of it. Why was it cancelled??

Kingdom Come3168d ago

Because Ensemble Studios, the developer of the MMO and Halo Wars Closed shortly after the release of the latter.

Fyzzu3168d ago

Sounds like they were working on the right lines. Sad this disappeared :/ Looks like the right way to do this sort of MMO...

Cogo3168d ago

Indeed. Nothing wrong with the vision.

Malfurion3168d ago

Any chance someone else will pick it up? Looks like a sure fire winner to me.

Cogo3168d ago

If someone started it, surely someone else can pick it up.


Leord3168d ago

I am not too well versed in developer lore. Not sure tbh.

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