The Fist of the North Star DLC Selling Very Well in Japan Already

Craig Hasselback writes: "Thanks to the release of Tecmo/Koei's The Fist of the North Star Warriors game already in Japan, we're getting some early looks at the DLC which is already hitting systems in Japan as well. The latest downloadable content has shown to be an immediate hit for reasons which are quite obvious.

One look at the screens of the gameplay below and we know the DLC is so popular. The DLC is based of the North Star's original Manga and delivers a costume for the character Mamiya. Mamiya, for those who don't know is the female village leader who bears a striking resemblance to character of Kenshiro's fiancee, Yuria."

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GunShotEddy3141d ago

I see two very good reasons why this DLC is popular. teh boobies!

Simon_Brezhnev3141d ago

lol now i wonder if Koei will charge us. All there other games similar 2 dynasty warriors the DLC is always free.

vgn243141d ago

I think it should be free in the US. Usually Koei cashes in with DLC in Japan because they feel they need to add value to sell titles in the US. (Wish more publishers felt that way).

charlescox43141d ago

They better deliver this content when the game hits NA. I am now a fan.

Panzerkanzler3141d ago

Well, it seems there CAN be such a thing as "too much boobage" after all.