PAX East 2010: Aksys Booth Interview

Original-Gamer: "Aksys games had a good deal of games on display at PAX East, ranging from indie games to their coveted sequel, Blazblue: Continuum Shift. We were able to not only get an interview with them and check out some of those games. Overall, pretty impressive. Take a look for yourself."

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booni33168d ago

july is no time at all to wait for what will be a top contender for fighter of the year. since BB was last years niche gem and people heartlessly pushed all fighter of the year awards to street fighter ((not saying it was bad) BB:CS can only succeed. Also, tekken was hugely ignored too, but if SUPER street fighter nets it this year i'll be pissy. My fam and i, as well as xbox live, have spent dozens of hours enaging in tight, intricate battles all while being stunned by brilliant HD sprites and animations, LONG LIVE BLAZEBLUE!!! but on a side note, SSFIV is pumping out 10 new characters making it feel more like a sequel than the petty 3 new characters BB is getting. but both could've been high end expansion packs....