Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) leaked to torrents

A variety of news magazines report that the Xbox 360 version of Splinter Cell: Conviction is already available in torrent networks. Another case of piracy on consoles. More through the link.

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user94220773173d ago

What do you expect Ubisoft? Go onto the 360 and lose millions of sales due to piracy. Great move!

clarkjudo3173d ago

Sorry, this game did not make it to the Psss on m3 Blu Ray Player at launch. Your information of opinions. Has no merit at this point.

DoucheVader3173d ago


Actually it does. MS is banking big on Splinter Cell: Conviction. So piracy is hugely relevant to this title. The fact the game is "leaked" before the release isn't a good sign at all.

This wouldn't happen on the PS3 at least not today.

AliTheBrit193173d ago

Millions? hardly

1. Your presuming it will be downloaded millions of times, what are you basing this on?

2. You believe that everyone of those who will download the game illegally would have bought it otherwise?

My god you are either extremely naive or extremely stupid, probably both.

DavidMacDougall3173d ago

He said Ubisoft "...lose millions of sales due to piracy" not Splinter Cell alone, which is true, if you add all Ubisofts games that have been pirated for the 360 together i'm sure it would go into the millions.

Assassin Creed3173d ago

ok time to go to (isoHunt) or (Pirate Bay) to download this game.

champ213173d ago

So when are they applying the DRM on the Xbox 360?

Mo0eY3173d ago

Bots, buy your flop of a game.

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Dance3173d ago

This happen with every xbox game so why make an article about Splinter Cell being leaked?

clarkjudo3173d ago

At least you know that Microsoft is more user friendly than Phony Sony. :)

captain-obvious3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

good luck with DRM

why the f*ck did i got 2 disagrees for ?

Eamon3173d ago

That made no sense, clarkjudo.

And Dance is right, every 360 game gets leaked so this is not news at all.

Redrum0593173d ago

These damn pirates need to chill the F out

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3173d ago

lol I was about to say the same thing, all 360 games get leaked to torrents, are we going to have an article for every game?

GiantEnemyCrab3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Because we need to spread the word to all the pirates they can download it now!

N4G your one stop piracy HQ!

Do you see a news story about a PSP or Wii game or PC game that get's released daily? Nope! This privilege is reserved for Xbox 360 games only on N4G.

@Venatus-Deus: Can handle the truth? Please point out the error here. Pirates need to chill out.. seriously..

young juice3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

i bet you wont say microsoft is user friendly when you get banned. you could always run to "phony sony" when your $50 xbox LIVE is wasted


How many of you buy used games?

Venatus-Deus3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Take a chill pill… Seriously

vhero3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Been on net for 3 days now big woop. PS3 though STILL hasn't been cracked to general mass market for piracy. Why don't devs see this?

DailyAddict3173d ago

You guys are crazy, the 360's number 1 selling point is free games! You didn't know!? I seriously have friends who have never bought, rented, borrowed a single game for 360 simply because everything is pirated with ease. If I wasn't such a law abiding citizen I'd do the same.

Syronicus3173d ago

So you would equate buying used games as piracy?

That sir is just plain dumb.

Paradicia3173d ago

How is this at all newsworthy?

This is just blatant promotion of piracy. How this got even submitted is beyond me -_-

Instead of an article saying that conviction is out today in shops we get one about it being up for download already. Which btw anyone with half a brain would know already as its been up on torrents for the past week and a half.

Fail article is fail. Typical day at N4G!

fox023173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

"PS3 though STILL hasn't been cracked to general mass market for piracy. Why don't devs see this?"

They do and what they see is despite the piracy and RROD (people buying 5 X360s am rite?) 99.9% of games still sell better on the X360. Which is pretty much a shame for Sony. Your console hasn't been pirated yet and you still can't manage to sell games? What the hell man?

Eamon3173d ago

Syronicus, it's not really dumb.

Because in the eyes of the companies. Buying used games is the same as buying copied games. Since they're not profiting at all from it. Nuff said.


Read Eamon's comment and you'll realize you learned something new today. As you were son....

blasian3173d ago

ya you might as well drop that "ps3 games dont sell" GOW3 has already passed up mass effect and straight blew metro 2033 out the water with its 170k sold lol heavy rain hit a million... it really is true all xbox has is halo and gears... sad...

Syronicus3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I did learn something new today. Either one, you have two accounts or two, there are two of you that I would say are equally as dumb. With piracy, none of the money goes to the companies but with buying used, money not only goes to the publisher and developers for the initial sale but then there is money going to the third party company selling the used copies. All that equates to money int he economy of gaming and as a whole but piracy is simply stealing and contributing no money what so ever.

Again, thanks for the lesson since before this I thought I was posting towards a single idiot...

"Eamon - Buying used games is the same as buying copied games. Since they're not profiting at all from it. Nuff said."

So none of the money originally spent on the new copies now being sold as used went to the publisher or developer? Again, see the logic? It would be dumb to equate buying used copies of games to pirating games. Good grief, what's with the youth these days.

boodybandit3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I'm a little on the tired side of a long weekend (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) but I don't get your meaning above. Shed some light for a tired (feeling) old man.

on topic: piracy in any form SUCKS!
It does nothing but hurt the industry.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

If you go to Gamestop and buy a used game, only Gamestop profits. Its the same as me selling you a game that I've had after beating it, I'm the only one that profits from that transaction, because I damn sure not about to send a publisher or game dev their royalties or whatever. Think for a second, and this wouldn't be so hard for you to grasp. But I think you have it on the brain that maybe Gamestop sends devs and publishers some of the profits from used games, but that isn't the reality we live in.

Edit: And whats with the "idoit" and "dumb" jabs? I see now why you were on my ignore list, but thats my fault. Again, as you were...

Syronicus3173d ago

Answer me this, where did that used copy come from? Was it not once a new copy purchased at full retail? But with a pirated copy, there was no full retail purchase so with one, the dev makes some money but with the pirated copy, the dev makes no money. Don't be ignorant for ignorance sake, enlighten yourself to logic and become informed of the facts before making yet another silly post... Please.

I think it is safe to say you are for piracy?

iFLOWLIKEWATER3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

One more time! Ok, no one says you are wrong when it comes to that first copy of the game making money. But each time a used game is purchased is one less time a dev/publisher gets any money for it. Am I pro-piracy? Not hardly. Have I bought a used game before? Yes I have, and like how I'm educating you on the topic, someone else "schooled" me to this point I'm making to you. I prefer to buy games new. If I can't afford a new game at the time I'll wait for a price drop. I just bought The Sabotuer brand new at Gamestop for $19.99. Even though Gamestop will refund your money on used game purchases within a reasonable amount of time, I still bought it new.

Edit:@Jamie Foxx...I really fail to realize why you or that other person don't understand my point. Buying used games and piracy are comparable. The only people that say they aren't comparable are the ones who buy used games. A used game sale and a pirated game = No money for publisher or dev...its that simple.

Edit: Syronicus, I did school you. You now look at things differently. When you go to buy used games, you'll think about what I've schooled you on, no matter if you buy the game used or new. Syronicus, you will still think about this little conversation when you buy your games. My job is done...

Parapraxis3173d ago
"2 days 22 hours ago
Splinter Cell Conviction is up on torrent sites already.

Oh I got a DD (denial disagree), remember kids, google is your friend."
Yeah, I got disagrees for that, it's been available a few days now.

Jamie Foxx3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

A used game has an INITIAL sale therefore the dev/publisher gets money,piracy has no intial sale so the only person benefiting is the pirate.

But I can see a point your making devs hate used game sales,but I see it as if a person has bought a used copy way after the game is released they wasn't really interested in your game from the start!but buyin a used copy may make them want to purchase your games in the future.but that's a different topic a pirated game is not the same as a used game

Piracy on a whole is a bad thing for our industry,you have ubisoft doing ridiculous DRM measures,and the cost of games can only rise in order for companies to recouperate some costs.

Syronicus3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

You seem so angry and what is even more funny is that stating that the dev makes no money off the used sale is something you think you are "schooling" me on. That is the obvious fact and everybody knows the dev makes no money off used sales. Sadly however, you think that there is a correlation to piracy and used game sales when there is not. At least once, the dev makes a dime on a used copy when the initial retail purchase is made but with piracy, there is no money earned by the dev. If you think you schooled me then you are sadly mistaken and only fooling yourself in a simpleton attempt to bloat your own ego. It's lol funny to see you try so keep trying but I warn you, it only makes you sound stupid when you think you are schooling anybody about used game sales. lol

It's sad that youth is so wasted on the young but what's worse is that there is a surplus of stupidity with kids these days as well.

Eamon3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Syronicus, if you think about it:

Used Copy = Developer mass produces then sails to retailers --> Retailers sale product to consumer ---> Consumer gets refund/trade/sale with retailer ---> Retailer resells that product to another consumer and makes profit.
^ in the above scenario, there is 1 sale for the developer and 2 sales for retailer.

Backup Copy = Developer mass produces then sails to retailers --> Retailers sale product to consumer ---> Consumer makes a copy to keep for himself and sales the "used original" to someone else.
^ now for this scenario, there is 1 sale for the developer, 1 sale for retailer and 1 sale for consumer. But the consumer still keeps a copy and gained some of his money back by selling the original.

Pirate Copy = Developer mass produces then sails to retailers --> Retailers sale product to consumer ---> Consumer makes keeps original for himself and makes numerous copies and sells them.
^ there is 1 sale for the developer, 1 sale for retailer and many sales for consumer. But the consumer still keeps original copy and makes a lot of money from the pirate copies.

Now let's evaluate.
- At the beginning there was only * ONE ORIGINAL PRODUCT. *
- In ALL scenarios, the developer only made one sale.
- In ALL scenarios, the retailer made at least one sale.
- In ALL scnarios, the consumer made a purchase.
- Now, for used game scenario, the retailer made extra money whilst the developer DID NOT, even though there is only ONE PRODUCT.
- For backup game scenario, both the developer and retailer made one sale. But the consumer saved money by making a copy for himself and selling his used copy to someone else.
- For pirate scenario, the consumer sold numerous pirate copies. (I personally am against making money of piracy. I believe filesharing should be free.)

So, to conclude:
* In All 3 scenarios, the developer DID make a sale. So the developer has not lost sales.
* The developer made no extra money or sales IN ALL 3 SCENARIOS. So he made no money when retailer sold used copy, or when the consumer sold his original copy or when the consumer sold pirate copies.
* A purchase by the consumer was needed in ALL 3 scenarios so the developer AND retailer made a sale in ALL 3 scenarios.

I hope this mega post fix the confusion.
As for the leak of games to torrent. That happened because someone either: STOLE a hard copy from a retailer OR an owner of a business who bought a batch and decided to upload the game before release day.

Edit @ Below:
LOL, I also saw that he presumed we were one person with multiple accounts. Well, if that were true, I guess we'd have like 10 bubbles each by now. But fortunately, we are both not sad.


Don't bother, that person thinks you and I are the same person. At least thats how I understood one of his comments. Whatever the case he/she is dense as f*ck, lol!

Syronicus3173d ago

Your laymens terms are silly and make you look even sillier. Sorry, but if you read my posts like some of the other users, you might have gotten what point I was making. Sadly enough however, you two youths cannot decipher the facts from your own alternate reality. Sad too since it would have been nice to deem you two mature and carry on a mature conversation based on the differences between pirated copies and used game sales. A topic that obviously you two know nothing about.

Chubear3173d ago

If it is not reported then eventually people will believe the problem has stopped and that means they'll be misinformed to some degree. News is about information and if it keeps happening people should be made aware of it.

Just because it's the norm by now doesn't mean it isn't news.

4Sh0w3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Just because I write an article doesn't make it NEWSWORTHY for this particular forum and thats the whole point.

"If it is not reported then eventually people will believe the problem has stopped and that means they'll be misinformed to some degree."

That's some pathetic BS if I ever heard it, what "people" need to be "informed" of piracy?= this is a news >>for<< gamers site, not developers, publishing executives and company representatives. Let the people who want to learn about piracy search for it themselves, reporting this news on news4gamers is un-neccessary because it offers very little value to honest gamers who buy their games legitimately and this only promotes more piracy, not surprising though that you would be all for this news. It's funny though, when Geohot news breaks about the other OS situation(and because he's the first to do so) and we all know that it could eventually lead to piracy, then the attitude on this site is quite different with alot of people very much against it, but when its about 360 hey its just news, right?

sikbeta3173d ago

Idiots....Ban Waves for ya Pirates.... then some dudes say "but da hackers and da homebrewz" ....

bviperz3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

but I'm with Sync on this one. While a dev/pub will not make money off a sold used game, they already made their money being that the game was once new. Torrents on the other a hand is a virtual copy of a new game. Millions of copies. So you basically have a copies of games that the developer/publisher could never make a cent off of. Used copies sold of any particular game will NEVER equal the amount of downloads for the pirated version. So saying they're the same is like saying the driving experience of a Porsche and Civic are the equal because they're both cars.

macalatus3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

@Iflowlikewater and Eamon,

I'm sorry, but both of you are wrong, and I'll explain in a little bit.


I totally agree with you 100%, but you are using the WRONG argument in this case.

OK, I'll give you all an analogy. Suppose I bought a brand new Toyota Corolla (really good car, screw the haters), and I sold it after owning it for two years, it's completely legal. HOWEVER, if I reverse engineered the car and made duplicate copies, it's called PIRACY, and therefore illegal.

The difference between a used game and a pirated game is that you are still selling THE ORIGINAL COPY with a used game. A pirated game is basically AN ILLEGAL COPY of the original code of a legit copy. It's not really so much of who makes the money BUT it's the principle of a copyrighted work in which the right of making duplicates AND making sales at the same time belongs to the ORIGINAL MAKER ALONE. It's okay to make a duplicate, as long it's purely for backup, BUT not for sales.

This also applies for literally everything...may it be books, photographs, weapons, cars, songs, etc.

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no_more_trolling3173d ago


every 360 game has gotten leaked since the xbox 360 has been released

3XP3173d ago

Why is no one pointint the finger at the A$$HOLE that is put in a position of trust that's actually leaking the confidential material.

I think these companies should have stricter guidelines to who have access to the software. This way when something gets leaked they know EXACTLY which group of people did it.

If no one in that department want to fess up, then we'll start terminating people until we find out. This type of action would make people rat out the thief with the thought of "I'm not loosing my job because you're a thief that wants to leak sh!t to your friends."

These jerks that keep leaking things need to be terminated!

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