Gran Turismo 5 Dated?


Mosey on over to and search for Gran Turismo 5. Be prepared for a shock though, as instead of getting back the predicted "Due for release: Muhahahha!," instead you'll actually see a date. 24/09/2010 in fact.

We've known for some time now that Polyphony's constantly delayed racing sim will not surface until the fall (which fall is anyone's guess), but is this a definitive date that might actually be hit? It wouldn't be the first time a retailer outed an official release date by jumping the gun and updating their site. And if one site isn't enough, CDWOW also state the exact same date.

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waltyftm3168d ago

Lets hope this IS true people, Cant handle another release date put back on this game.

Microsoft Xbox 3603168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Don't know what to believe already. Lets just hope it releases this year. It will be the best 60 bucks ever spent on a video game.

Bereaver3168d ago

The release date is as follows.....


Because it is a palindrome.

It must be this day.

cardgenius3168d ago

Lets hope so. But...Im not gonna hold my breath.

randomwiz3168d ago

If you ask me, I think PD finished the game last month like they announced they would a while ago, but Sony is deciding what would be the golden date to release this so it doesn't clash with any other exclusives.

Gamer7l3168d ago

Well, since that date passed over 3 MONTHS ago, I'd say it has a better chance at 02/22/20.....which, at this rate, is actually a possibility. ;)

kornbeaner3168d ago

@gamer actually it hasn't, in the U.S. It has but other parts of the world actually put the day of the month first. So 1/11/10 is January in the U.S. But november in other parts of the world.

Oldsnake0073168d ago

Halo Reach vs GT5

Both are among the biggest franchises ever, both are among the best franchises ever, both are among the most anticipated games of 10.

MS's biggest franchise will rule the US while Sony's biggest franchise will rule Euope.

As a real gamer, I am going to get both.

execution173168d ago

would be an awesome birthday present for myself

Alvadr3167d ago

Have we had an announcment... No.

The date is merely an estimated date, a placeholder, and websites copy each other.. That is all.

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yoghurt3168d ago

if you don't know what to believe, only believe it when it is officially announced - so many dates get chucked around the internet, no point listening

Kratos Shepherd3168d ago

Same here. I'm not gonna believe anything till i here it from polyphony's mouth. I reckon we will get a real release date at E3.

andyps3style3168d ago

if i have to wait another 6 months i don't care because when this game comes out it will be the best racing sim ever made and probably one of the best games ever made, graphics look amazing and what i have sin of the game play too looks good, if this is the official date then its smiles all around :D

sagapo3168d ago

best racing sim ever? maybe.
best game ever? sorry, but not by a long shot.

Hank Hill3168d ago

I expect a concrete release date at E3 this year.

Anarki3168d ago

it's not true.

I always buy my games from and when they're unsure of a date, they'll put any random date in until it's confirmed. have had that date up there for about 5months or so...

Fishy Fingers3168d ago

Really? I've always found them pretty accurate. Anyway, grain of salt and all that.

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The story is too old to be commented.