Will The Next Xbox Be A PC?

Mark Withers from PlatformNation writes: Stop and think about it for a minute before shouting "no" at this article. It's something that's been playing on my mind now for some time and I think it's inevitable and makes sense that Microsoft merge the two platforms.

I think I need to lay the following fact on the table before continuing. I own all consoles and play games most evenings, plus I love the current generation of consoles and what they have done over the past 4+ years in developing the games we all play, but I think that right here, right now, both the Playstation3 and the Xbox 360 are holding back video games because parts of their abilities are showing its age.

OK, so we all know how both Sony & Microsoft (and Nintendo to a lesser extent) have been aiming for the all conquering single box that will take over your living room and be your entertainment hub for just about everything but in my opinion both consoles have one major flaw that will prevent them from becoming that single box. What is it I hear you ask? The ability to upgrade the key power components i.e. graphics, sound and processor.

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dangert123171d ago

consoles will rape our standard pc's from this gen or evenn the top 1's from this gen

toaster3171d ago

LOL yeah, and it'll play God Of War 10 with 50x AA and 100xAF.

Letros3171d ago

Considering they will have GPU's from ATI/NVidia yet to even be conceived, I sure hope so.

Sean_Connery3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

That PC-type architecture has been one of the draws for developers for the 360. It historically was just "easier" to work with.

Hard to see them changing that aspect of it. Although with devs warming up to the PS3's architecture, maybe they would consider it...

In truth, as long as great games keep coming, I really don't care.

Christopher3171d ago

Highly doubt it. PCs can be upgraded in certain ways very easily. I don't see a console moving towards a structure where you can upgrade the memory, GPU, and HDD as easily as you can on the PC.

Technically, all current consoles are computers in their own right, they're just not classified as PCs for various limitations of their hardware and software.

Sean_Connery3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

@ cgoodno

Agreed. The "fixed" aspect of a console (RAM, GPU, CPU) is a dual sided blade.

Advantage: The specs don't change = easier to develop for & optimize
Disadvantage: The specs CAN'T change = ultimately limiting

I love gaming on my PS3 and 360, but I also love gaming on my PC and being able to control the capability myself.

fox023171d ago

I'm pretty sure the next X360 will run on a modified Win7.

vhero3171d ago

Current Xbox is almost PC architecture anyways thats why games early in its life were so easy to develop for and devs preferred it over PS3.

Arnon3171d ago

What consoles need to do next gen is be semi-upgradable. What I mean by this, is that each company (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony), should release their own product line of upgradable hardware. The consoles will have simple snap-in like functions, much like what the PS3 has with it's HDD.

Not only would it rid the console of bottlenecks, but it would allow it to be fully utilized in it's life-time, even if it still cant match up to a PC in most aspects.

Christopher3171d ago

@Arnon: The problem is that the games would still be developed towards the lowest common denominator. It's great that someone can upgrade their graphics card from a 512MB to a 1GB, but every game put out will need to be run as if using the 512MB card. And, going through putting in multiple levels based on having better hardware is just going to throw production costs way overboard, increase game prices on consoles more, and increase issues when doing multiplatform development in general.

It's a more sound business decision to keep it simple and rely on stable and, at the point of inception, near top tier hardware implementations and then utilize software-based engines for improvements over the 5-10 year lifecycle of the console.

champ213171d ago


Having the HDs replaced was an easy issue because those are the same parts used in laptops hence are mass produced.

If console makers would like to do the same with GPUS and RAM. It would be a nightmare

Because they probably wouldnt like to use PC specific parts (since PC specifications keep changing and some of the GPUS we do have are insanely large it just wont fit in a console).

If they do decided to have custom parts can you imagine how costly that would be to make. Since PC hardware is made in millions of quantity and prices can be kept low. Same cant be said for console parts. The prices for such parts would be so rediculously expensive people could rather made a high end PC with cheaper prices.

Lastly the console makers would probably like to keep their own profits on these parts, which would further drive the prices higher, i just dont see this as being feasible.

BYE3171d ago

If it's anything like the 360, yes.

Raf1k13171d ago

The next Xbox actually being a PC would be a good idea IMO. Devs would be able to create games for the Xbox which would also work on the PC as you could have them using the same libraries eliminating the need to port to PC. PC gamers could still have the option to use the higher res textures that could be included on the disk.

This may even allow multiplayer games between PC and Xbox though PC gamers would have the mouse advantage in an FPS but could work well for racing games, action games etc.

Arnon3171d ago

Lol the N64 did it just fine :P

The Expansion Pak added an extra 62 MB or so of RAM. Developers were able to utilize this and make much better games, such as Majora's Mask and Donkey Kong 64. While it did force people to buy the product to play these games, it made older games on the console run much more efficiently.

kikicub3171d ago

The 360 is more like a mac, and a G5 at that....

Letros3171d ago

It's nothing like a mac, it actually has a game library.

sikbeta3171d ago

IF that happen, what's the Point of call it Console?

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chak_3171d ago

this consoles gen came with DLC, 5 hours games, 70$ games, pay for online, 80$ wifi...

I can't really say i'm waiting for the next one

thehitman3171d ago

you were conned into the wrong console.

chak_3171d ago

half of it still goes for ps3 sorry

vhero3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

only $70 games in that list of 4 things mate so make that a quarter... Then again nobody forces you to buy them when they are first released at RRP thats your own fault so you can wipe that from your list and BANG... none are related to a certain console...

chak_3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

DLC is also on PS3.

And yeah, I can buy cheaper. And I can even have no-console at all, that's magic.

Don't try to make me like an anti-ps3 guy, I don't really care, I'm just stating facts.

Ps3 has 70$ games and DLC

edit : to follow your math-logic that would be 2/5 of my statment you are right :D

midgard2273171d ago

where do u live that ps3 games are 70? they are 60 first off and whats wrong with real DLC? u guys do the same thing on pc and i know cuz i game on pc, ever buy any expansion for any elder scrolls game? or how bout the diablo expansions? or omg to the 500 Wow expansions?

garbage dlc like a costume and such is stupid yes but there is real dlc aswell so dont act like pc is innocent.

also pc games have tons of bugs, so much so that some games are unplayable, gothic anyone?

consoles and pc's both have ups and downs but the fact that u most likely support buying games with no physical existance (D2D games) just cuz its cheaper isnt any better.

also pc games are so much more vunerable to hackers. try playing counter strike online or almost anything that u dont have to pay monthly for and see how many hackers there are.

PC gaming is a mess honestly but looks superior is all, SOMEIMES

ps3ftwin3171d ago


I am in the middle east. Console games here cost 75-80usd. Its a total ripoff. Even importing from online doesnt help cause you end up paying that much frieght.

PC games via steam cost 39-49usd. Which is a huge saving compared to console prices here.

I still own a PS3 though for its exclusives. There may be 2-3 games which i really like getting on it through the year since not every exclusive on the PS3 appeals to me.

The PC is my platform of choice since the last 2years for any multiplat or obviously the PC exclusives.

chak_3171d ago

I live in europe, france to be more precise.

And games on console are 70€ here. It's a shltton of money. First party on ps3 are generally 60.

PC games are 40-50€

And I'm not denying console quality in any matter. They have great game and I'm not stupid I can see that.

Though don't be blind, that last gen of console brought everyone crap such as DLC and overpriced things

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Kratos Spartan3171d ago

but IF they decide to release a next one, I do believe they will go full on DD

dangert123171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

i sure ps3 has keyboard and mouse support plus printer support(correct me if im wrong ) it has an internet browser 'Had' Os install features
plays music dvds blu rays downloable content online streaming and with gaming on there to usb inputs hardrives...and your not sure if the next gen of console will be like a pc? lol

Kratos Spartan3171d ago

what are you babbling about? Maybe you're looking too much into my comment. LOL

Raf1k13171d ago

PS3 and 360 are pretty much PCs but very limited in comparison.
There's no way it's going full on DD next gen. People will still not have the kind of download speeds to make it mainstream especially considering that the amount of disk space games use is continuously increasing and most people's ISPs have monthly download limits.

nalioto3171d ago

I'm a gamer in my mid 30's and own all platforms other than the WII. The big problem I see right now, is that despite the aging of the platforms, PC gaming seems to be in decline. Most games are hated due to DRM and or hacking (check out the PC forums for the latest shooter games). Even a game like Crysis 2 is coming to the platforms not the other way around. In fact, everything seems to be moving away from the PC. People use their Iphones more and more for information, the Ipad just got released... most people i know buy laptops now (not ideal for gaming). A shift back to PC's would be jarring to me especially in a recession where PC's cost a lot of money and people complain about the price of $15 download content.

champ213171d ago

Pc is actually steadily growing.

Last year it actually saw a 3% games software growth over 2008 despite the bad economy.

Consoles actually saw a 9% degrowth.

If anything its the media that shows as if the PC is doing bad. Last year alone 9Billion USD worth of high performance parts were sold on the PC. Projected to touch 13billion by 2013.

C4BL33171d ago

@champ21. i have to agree fully with you. I play xbox and i am 100% looking into building a PC. why wouldn't i as a gamer want to dictate all the parameters i play on. consoles will remain limited due to the fact...its a console. why not build a PC and get all the benefits from it. you can surf the web faster than ps3. stream movies better than 360 and did i mention you control the parameters you play with. just makes more and more sense.

Motion3171d ago

I agree with both of you guys. I'm mainly a pc gamer, and have to say I am quite sickened with the current trend of porting console games to PC. Several games I have bought for PC with hopes of them being better than the console version. While in some aspects they are, I am often left with the feeling of "crap, should have just gotten this on the console instead"

TrailerParkSupervisr3170d ago

I bought an ASUS laptop strictly for gaming. Cost me $999.00 and has 1 g Nvidia GTX 260M, 6 Gigs DDR2, 17.3 1600 x 900 display. It ran ME2 at the highest settings with no framerate issues and I ran crysis at high (not very high) and it ran pretty damn good. Little framerate drop during big battles....

Anyway, a laptop can be a great gaming rig. I can sit in my recliner with it then adjourn to the bedroom and lay in bed and game some more. I love the portability. Can I upgrade it? No. But for a grand and with its current specs I will get 2 years of gaming out of it then I can just buy another one rather than dump hundreds into it over the next 16 months.

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thehitman3171d ago

Are already computers dedicated for gaming. Will it be a personal computer no that defeats the purpose of it being a console.