UK software sales (Week ending 4/10) - Full charts

Chart Track has published the latest software sales (top 40 individual/all formats) figures from the UK (week ending April 10th).

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Wrathman3168d ago

final fantasy ps3 version owned by 360 version.lmao

Rhythmattic3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


Not Bad for a System that had a 1 year head start in the UK.

Just wanted to fill in the blanks.

mjolliffe3168d ago

How does Just Dance do it? :P

fox023168d ago

God of War 3 dropped like a stone.

DiScOPiMp3168d ago

God of war getting owned by forza 3 is a joke.. Lol

CREESH3168d ago

It must be so disappointing for Sony first party devs, They spend so much money and time on their games and yet they always bomb.

Sony fans, Support your system please.

boodybandit3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I feel pretty comfortable calling you a troll considering your N4G score of 510 and this is the first time you are signing in this month only to post nonsense.

GOW3 sold over 1 million copies the first week of it's release and it bombed? It has a good shot at surpassing 3 million in sales by the end of 2010. You can count the number of exclusive games on one hand that sell more than 3 million copies regardless of what console it is made on. Please try to explain how again PS3 exclusives are bombing.

The only thing bombing here is your trolling.

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