Sony: Move Targeted Equally At Core And Casual


SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told us that the company will cater equally to mainstream and hardcore tastes with its new motion controller, PlayStation Move.

We asked him during a recent interview how Sony's focus was spilt between making Move an effort to appeal to a wider consumer base, and about making traditional games work in a different way.

The executive went on to explain why he thinks Move will appeal be appeal to hardcore audiences.

"The precision of the Move system allows game designers to create games as simulations and games with much more depth than other motion-based game experiences. We are sure that hardcore gamers will appreciate and enjoy the challenge, with a much finer control over how they interact with the game and achieve greater success in those games.

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The Wood3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

definitely helps

Another thing that definitely helps but gets overlooked sometimes is the amount of studio resources that sony have at their disposal TO cater for the core/casual.

3169d ago
Hellsvacancy3169d ago

Its not summin im interesed in, well im not at this precise moment in time, if Sony show summin like Killzone 3 usin Move and runnin in 3D count me in

I think thats wot people r waitin 4, "they" (and me) wanna c sum PROPER next gen games with super graphics usin motion control, sodd all these silly little motion control games u get 4 the Wii "yay lets bat a ball against the wall" yeah it was fun 4 a while but as time gone on so has peoples boredom

yoghurt3169d ago

Did you see the Socom demo? that was really good - not my cup of tea but a a demo of a more hardcore using move

Hellsvacancy3169d ago

I hav mate yes, it looked impressive, its a step in the right direction, still not reason enough 4-me 2 buy a move-mote, yet

A bubble 2 u


user94220773169d ago

Yeah. really looking forward to using Move with Socom 4

3169d ago
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