DLC for Monster Hunter 3 detailed

The Lost Gamer writes: "Great news for Monster Hunter fans! The upcoming Monster hunter 3 Tri coming exclusively to Wii will include post-release content.
Unique event and area quests will be made available following the games release later this month. Accessible for limited time periods, these quests will feature rare monsters and rewards exclusive to the event. Nintendo say that these missions will be made available multiple times so don't worry if you miss out the first time – there's always another opportunity."

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Myst3168d ago

Very similar to all the other Monster Hunters. All I really want are the Arena monster quests personally. Maybe event from time to time as well since in one Monster Hunter you could get the Jolly Rodger piece from an event. Anyway should be great :). Looks like my friend and I may always have a full party this time around instead of just us two.

Barbapapa3168d ago

time to clean my wii, haven't used it in a long time ;)

execution173168d ago

yeah mines just sitting there waiting for a game just like this.

Shnazzyone3168d ago

Looks like this game is going to have some serious replay. I hope capcom has a huge hit on their hands here. This game deserves no less.

SinnedNogara3167d ago

It's already a hit in Japan. With enough commercials and Nintendo sending us ads via the Wii Message Board, this game could make it big.

DLC, finally this is what the game needed. It's about time we get something. Now it's time we get this from Conduit 2.

tunaks13168d ago

can't wait for MH Tri,
this really shows how much 3rd parties can do if they actually put effort into their games

CherryLu-Chan3168d ago

It's been refreshing to see Nintendo put such an effort in with Monster Hunter Tri over here.
A handful of launch events, adverts on the telly and a rather fantastic chest full of goodies.
Normally the level of promotion is rendered for family games only, so to see a kick on and then some in what's perceived as such a hardcore title, is fantastic.
Also, looking across various boards on the net, this seems to be a day 1 purchase for many. Hopefully Nintendo will see the sales to back up their promotion and afford another title such a boost.
Really excited for this .. and for the event in Manchester on Saturday.