Critical Gamer: Breach: PAX East Hands-On

Critical Gamer writes: Atomic Games, developer of the unreleased Six Days in Fallujah, intends to throw a monkey wrench into the online shooter arena this summer. Breach, their new multiplayer war game, offers most of the features of big shooters in a tiny package – a mere $15 download on XBLA and PC. With a booth situated dead-center in one of the two exhibition halls at PAX East, I found myself passing by often and hearing the same mantra: "For the price of a map pack." Eventually I had to check it out, and was met with a mix of pleasant surprises and rough edges.

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IDesertFoxI3168d ago

Looks like this and Blacklight: Tango Down are going for a similar marketing model. It'll be interesting to see how they both work out.

scruffy_bear3168d ago

This could be a new trend if both Breach and Blacklight: Tango Down are successful

AAACE53168d ago

I am seriously considering Breach because it reminds me of a mix between Socom Confrontation, R6 Vegas and CoD. Some might frown, but I had some fun playing Socom.

mjolliffe3168d ago

I'm interested in both Blacklight and Breach :) It'll be nice to get away from the regular disc-based FPS' that are around at the moment :)

scruffy_bear3168d ago

Yeah it's nice to see company try something different

Pidgeridoo3168d ago

Breach looks really cool need more information those

Cubes3168d ago

Liking the sound of this. Looks a lot better value than the Stimulus map pack of Modern Warfare 2 that's for sure!

scruffy_bear3168d ago

Yeah that's so ture, looking forward to getting some hands on time with Breach

Jim Crikey3167d ago

This will probably be either very good, or very crap.