Crysis 2 Lead Writer: 'Halo Is Bullshit'

NG: In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Crysis 2's lead writer, award-winning science fiction novelist Richard Morgan has called out Halo's story as "bullshit".

When quizzed on the inherent problems of bringing out believable character from behind a faceless helmet, he confessed...

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movements3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I don't care how much he doesn't like the game, that's just unprofessional.

Bad choice of words there...

nix3169d ago

wow... well, i hope crysis 2 has oscar winning story then.

hamoor3169d ago

halo story is good...for a shooter game
Games like these dont need good story to be a good game
In fact almost all FPS games story $ucks expect half life and bioshock etc.

Hudahudahuda3169d ago

mmm delicious halofan tears

WildArmed3169d ago

To be fair.

Crysis's story was 'bullshit' too.
Most FPS stories are 'bullshit'.

The only story i do care about atm.. would be Resistance franchise.

I dont care about the CoD/Killzone/Halo/<name other FPS> stories. I play them, but not for the same reasons I play games like resistance.. oh and Half-life.

(note: R:FoM had a great story.. R2 failed as it's successor imo)

The Wood3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

bang on

The second resistance just didn't do it for me...Its like every aspect took a step back apart from the size/scale of the boss fights and the like. The story for the 1st game was decent.

Syronicus3169d ago

Yeah well as much as I agree with this guy and have hated the story behind Halo ever since the first title, I must admit that Crysis and the story behind it is also BS. Both are over inflated and full of themselves. Convoluted stories do not make great stories, it just makes them over hyped and loved by the overly confused.

LoVeRSaMa3169d ago

The only character I have 'Emotionally Attached' to is Lara Croft ;D

Other then that Heavy Rain does a good job of making you feel, I don't think FPS like halo really need that in the game, I don't want the morality of killing people in a video game on my shoulders.

hay3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

“Halo is full of these bullshit archetypal characters”
It's what he said. He didn't say a thing about Halo or it's story being bs. He just stated that there are bs archetypal chars. That's quite a difference.

"Journalism" theese days... Nowgamer is my one of the top "bulsh*t" pages.

But on the other hand, Mr. Morgan isn't my type of writer judging by this interview...

Lucreto3169d ago

There are only two FPSs I can stand playing It is Resistance series and the Bioshock series. I think I prefer them becuase of the storyline running through them are better than other FPS's

I liked Resistance 2. The co-op was fun for a time and loved the single player. It was not as good as the first but I enjoyed the game. I prefer regenerating health than health packs as my still level at fps game are pretty low.

N4BmpS3169d ago

I hope this guy brings on the story and give us a character people will care about.

Cold 20003169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

He better not say that about a PS3 exclusive. He would have got murdered this very night.

Anyway Crysis 2 is coming out at the exact same period as Reach.

Who's ready to bet it's in for a flop this fall on the 360.

3169d ago
meetajhu3169d ago

This is why i like Crytek they think like me. I hate Halo 2 and 3 and ODST all are complete bullcrap. Useless bungie why can't they Marathon sequel.

sid4gamerfreak3169d ago

Totally agree with you man, FPS games are being extremely generic with their storylines.

The fact that the crysis 2 lead writer has expressed himself so non professionally, my expectations of crysis 2's story has increased dramatically...

ColdFire3169d ago

Crysis 2 better have a great story then!

crck3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I would have to agree with him. But then again Crysis and Crysis Warhead is just as bad. Honestly, the only shooters I've played in the last 3 years and remember anything story related from are Resistance 1 and The Bad Company games(mostly for their funny characters). Everything else is just a blur of generic crap. But then again people don't play shooters for story.

The Maxx3168d ago

Ok Richard Morgan.

When the sales numbers comes in...we shall see which title the Gaming demographics choose to play on the 360.

nix3168d ago

more sales =/= great game. otherwise Wii Sports would have won awards all over the place.

otherZinc3168d ago

If he's so confident in his game, make it exclusive to the PS3 & see if it can be a Halo Killer? THAT, would show some balls!

wicko3168d ago

How about everyone read the actual interview instead of guessing why he said that? Or bashing a game he never wrote (crysis 1)? The guy ha some good points, and I agree with them. While I'm not expecting Crysis 2 to have some amazingly original story I think I can expect a little more from him than I might other writers.

vhero3168d ago

The story is crap lets be honest here the scores given are too much but the multi-player is where the game shines. The hype sells it of course but the multi-player is the only real part of the game you enjoy. The single player you play through because you feel you have to since you bought it. Since you bought it you feel you have to stick up for your purchase otherwise you would feel ripped off. Of course he used a really poor choice of words but hes not far from the mark the story really is tosh.

Tiberium3168d ago

So he writes off the entire halo story as bullshit because you don't get to see the chiefs face. That's just stupid imo. You don't see your character's face in bioshock or in HL2 because everything is in first person. But I dare him to say those game's stories are bullshit because of it.

Fanb0y3168d ago

To be fair...

Crysis 1's storyline was 10 times sh*ttier than Halo's fiction.

Sevir043168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

but to be totally honest, even though he didn't pen the first crysis, the narrative of both Halo series and crysis is equally forgetful, much like COD and KZ narrative. i think the only Shooters that had some pretty remarkable stories were the original resistance, Bioshock and Half Life. It's all about the atmostphere and how it all immerses you into the world, and the way the mythos for each game was done. Resistance:FOM, Bioshock 1 and the entire half life series did this very well... and as much as i liked the first halo it's narrative was weak comparitively to the first crysis.

But we'll see. i hope this guy pens an oscar for this game because he's mouthing off a bit too much, even if stories for video games are lackluster, to go and use such words against anothers work is strictly unprofessional, and totally makes you look like a turd. We have too many unhumble turds in the industry we can do without another.

Shepherd 2143168d ago

Halo's story is actually very good, having beaten all the games numerous times and read the novels, i can honestly say that it is at the very least solid sci-fi fiction and much deeper than what some make it out to be.

i think that the author was a bit out of line.

lil Titan3168d ago

after the first Halo the game became $hit(show me the disagrees) truly there are alot better shooters than Halo its just the media that keep telling everyone that its the best game to date and with every release the developers are raping every customer with half a$$ story and gameplay but like idiots people are like rats to the piped piper following them to what ever they lead them

i just hope he isnt like the Haze writer and says Halo is wack and turns out his game is wack but from the last game that i never played people have said its pretty good hope he makes good with his promise

Downtown boogey3168d ago

"Okay … I’m gonna get up there and kill those guys"
Master Chief never says anything like that either. I think he misses the point of him: He doesn't have anything personal involvement except for Cortana but even that he only realizes later on. I don't know if it's just coincidence that Master Chief feels like he's emotions run deeper than what he speaks of or is Bungie actually just lazy. Even silence says something.

sikbeta3168d ago

Isn't that a "core" element for FPS Game, if not why almost all of FPS games use stereotypical space-marines and aliens and stuff like that...

But, the guy didn't say That About halo or the Whole Game in that matter...


oh dear... oh dear, oh dear..

The last dev's to make fun of halo's story, well... we ended up with Haze. Not that I am saying Crysis is going to be like Haze but there is no need for him to go off on one like that, if haze's story does not pull it's weight, he will look foolish.

for the record, i loved halo CE's story but I felt halo 2 and 3 just went in the wrong direction.

lil Titan3168d ago

im actually glad he said this so everyone can stop thinking its just Sony fanboys who think this unless he is a fanboy but i doubt it

IaMs123168d ago

Im calling Sony Fanboyism in these comments, not simply because Crysis 2 dude said it was Bull, but mere fact any PS3 game mentioned is hailed as the story driven best FPS game ever. Halo has a good story but its no where near Half-Life 2 story.

Rock Bottom3168d ago

Halo story sucked, so does 99% of video games stories, for this guy to call Halo story bullshit he better have something really interesting for Crysis 2, which I doubt.

zag3168d ago

Don't know how people could say crysis story is crap?

You have a top secret US special forces team going in to sus out a meteorite crash site, which happens to be in north korea, the same country, that has nukes and tested a missile last year that can hit anywhere with-in Alaska and western parts of canada and most of asia.

The meteorite ends up being an alien space craft.

In 1919 a meteorite or something wiped out a large part of a forest in Serbia in Russia, this caused a spike in earth quake meters all over the world, for real and to this day no one knows what it was exactly.

it pretty good story I haven't played halo but I wouldn't say it'd have much of a story in the first place seeing as MS changed the original story.

shadow27973168d ago

The Killzone series has an awesome story (or backstory, anyway), but it's never told in a compelling way. In fact, it's hardly ever told at all. The concept has so much potential, but the story always takes a backseat to the limited scope of the main squad.

The first Killzone did a halfway decent job, but the second game could have been so much better in the story department. It's my hope that they'll give the third game a solid narrative, because there's been a lot of wasted potential so far.

thewhoopimen3167d ago

If you guys actually bothered to read the article.... so far what 60-70% didn't?

@Cold2000 he does talk about a ps3 exclusive, Uncharted 2. Gave it huge kudos on the first paragraph.

@shadow2792: Sorry dude KZ2's story was average at best. I just heard alot of cursing most of the time with no real character development. Gameplay was a different matter altogether.

shadow27973167d ago

Did you even read my comment? I said the >series< has a good story that's been told poorly (which is exactly what you describe).

Do you even know the backstory about the Helghast, the ISA, and Earth? It's surprisingly deep. The universe would make a great setting for a novel or film.

One of the themes they completely abandoned after the first game was the theme that there are no good guys and bad guys in war. The ISA completely mistreat the Helghast, and the Helghast see the ISA as imperialistic. Going to Helghan in Killzone 2 could have given the opportunity to show the humanity of the Helghast (where are the women and children?), but so far it's been a missed opportunity. I hope we'll see more depth in Killzone 3. Maybe Rico will be discharged for disobeying orders? Or Sev will just shoot him in the back of the head. *crosses fingers*

You can go to and read up on the story.

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dangert123169d ago

halo has a flaky story telling methodthat is rather boring and the reason i don't play campaign on myself cause it does not intrigue me enough or motivate me to keep me going with its lack of interesting story tell but online you can't eff with this game!

and the writer for crysis 2 is bashing every1 atm i exspect it to have the best story ever and since his bashing halo i exspect it 2 walk all over halo's multiplay which we know it won't

and yeah i'm still not buying this

3XP3168d ago

I think the halo story was enough for a FPS, I and in FPS to shoot up sh!t not to be bored by a bunch of long cut-scenes. It's difficult to make a good story and still keep the entire game under 10-15 hours.

You put too much emphasis on the story and you loose the action and impact of the game. I really don't know of ANY shooter with has and award winning story. I think this writer is talking smack, because his is becoming afraid and is talking halo down as a defense mechanism.

We'll see when they release.

Hell, just a couple days ago fans on this site was calling Crysis 2 Whack because it was implied to have the best graphics ever on a console (we know who that offended). Now because this guys is hating on halo some of you are agreeing with this clown.

Kingdom Come3169d ago

And I have Faith in Crytek to do well, they aren't doing themselves any favours.

arakouftaian3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Is not like let's say, Killzone a Mature game, I hope the game end up been good
everytime when someone open their mouth thy end up looking stupid in the end.

Does anybody know what's Crysis one is all abouth?

I saw some parts in but I did not unsderstand the full game
it was something about hi-tech Asian mersenaries
and alien tech.

The best fps history are ps3 exclusive
Resistance and Killzone are vey deep and amazing.

Oh and Half life one was good two was wird but
ok I mean they don't explain nothing in it and know everything is wird in HalfLife2
I hope next time they explain more things.

hamoor3169d ago

yeah right killzone 2 is deep as a kiddie pool

Kingdom Come3168d ago

Statement Fail.
Grammer Fail.
I Lol'd.

Fanb0y3168d ago

Killzone 2 has some of the most terrible writing I've seen in a while.

Lets face it, shooter's storylines are not that deep. Halo games try to, but can't quite get to their book's counterparts.

Theonik3168d ago

Bioshock and Half-Life say hi.

Obama3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I like the story of dead space, but it's a tps not fps.

arakouftaian3168d ago

The Narrative is great you allways know what's going on
and from a such a big Universe you know who you are and who the
Helgans are and that amazing and the caracters are the tips of "mersenaries"
that are send to kill a leder they are in war and that is why they allways talk bs
that what soldiers do they are not poet but your hate can see the true.

And yes halo is for teen and kids. Don't tell me you don't know this
everybody knows this.

And I did mention HalLife I likeit but 2 part and episodes fail to explain things well
and keep many things behind and they have had the chance to explain
but they have not.

And bioshock I never said nothing wrong about it I have
not play the game so don't hate on me .

Xi3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

the story is reminiscent of the 12 year old who says f*ck thinking that it's mature because he heard a 16 year old say it, but in the end the dialogue, characters and story is really designed to appeal to that 12-16 year old range.

Halo at least a couple interesting characters, notably 343, cortana, and the gravemind, characters which have personality. Sure there's also the cliche black dude, and tough chick and the super soldier, but the actual story make up for it.

Sheikh Yerbouti3168d ago

on its own to be a good story. If you played the first Killzone, the loss of Jan Templar and the fall of Rico would be more meaningful. It looks like we'll be losing Sev too.

The history and backdrop of Killzone is better than the normal space marine fare, but you really don't get that from Killzone 2.

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