Get an early look at Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer duel footage with Facebook app

Rockstar Games unveiled their new Red Dead Redemption based Facebook game today, Red Dead Gunslingers. Normally, a new Facebook App wouldn't really be newsworthy in its own right. However, Red Dead Gunslingers features actual footage taken from Red Dead Redemptions multiplayer dueling to play out its scripted gun battles. This means that gamer's are getting a large sneak peak into the in-game dueling system of the full upcoming game.

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HammockGames3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

But I haven't read up much on the dueling...

I hope dueling is done better & different than it was in The Call of Juarez - the mechanics in CoJ never grew on me (it wasn't that hard, but it was annoying).

It's a different dev, so I'm optimistic.

Commander TK3020d ago

more than anything else. Yes, I said it. Not every1 shares the same opinions as yours, fanboys.

ddurand13021d ago

i want my 5 minutes back

Major Kanimo3021d ago

yah theres more interaction in MGS4 cutscene then this stupid app, dont waste ur time

AliTheBrit193021d ago

I agree it wasn't that great

But haha come on man, lets be honest, you would have done some other mindless pointless crap in them 5 minutes even if you could get them back. xD

AliTheBrit193021d ago

Can't wait for this game, easily one of my most anticipated and a GOTY contender for sure.

Urmomlol3021d ago

Good stuff. Can't wait until the game comes out.

ZBlacktt3021d ago

Stats don't mean crap in this cheesy demo game play, lol..... All random luck I see.

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