PSX Extreme: Yakuza 3 Review

PSX Extreme writs: "I enjoyed the first two Yakuza titles on the PS2 and I was very much excited to try the first entry on the PlayStation 3. From the start, I knew this was Yakuza: the bad-ass Kazuma Kiryu was the main character, there's a heavy emphasis on story, there's no option for English voiceovers (which is just fine by me), and there's a combination of gut-wrenching brutality combined with Japanese quirkiness. Then you've got the semi-open-ended gameplay format that has you running around several large cities, looking about for items, battling street punks, stuffing yourself with the local cuisine, and…well, snapping photographs of bizarre events and situations. It also features some role-playing elements in relation to character advancement, so Yakuza 3 is quite the appealing package. That being said, there are a few issues that may plague the overall experience, and such flaws really get tiresome towards the end of your 20-hour quest."

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nix3117d ago

i picked it up last weekend. it's a pretty good game. the graphics look dated compared to what we are treated to nowadays from Sony's exclusives.

i like the RGP-style to all this. upgrades. weapon upgrades. new moves. modding. anyway, i'm only into my first 7 hours or so.

nycredude3116d ago

man the first 7 hours is just the beginning to set you up for the story to come. It picks up after you do all that stuff in Okinawa and the story get insane. Such a great underated and underappreciated game. I was thoroughly satisfied with this game. It took me 26 hours to beat and I complete only 16%!!!!