Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Console First Look Plus 12 Screens and First X360 Footage

GameSpot checked out an exclusive demo of Quake Wars on the Xbox 360 for the first time.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has topped PC gamers' most-wanted lists for over two years now, and it's not hard to see why. This follow-up to developer Splash Damage's previous Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory combines the large-scale, vehicle-oriented, team-based combat of the Battlefield series with the mythos, signature weapons, and intense run-'n-gun action of traditional Quake games. But PC gamers won't be the only ones waging the battle for (or against) Earth.

See the alternative links below for the link to the first footage of Quake Wars on the Xbox 360 in GameSpot's exclusive interview with id and Nerve Software.

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THAMMER13936d ago

I think this game will do well. I'll own a copy. Quake is a awesome game and has delivered on many levels over the years.

Coffin873936d ago

i can't watch the vid for whatever reason, but i must say the screens look like 97% battlefield 2 rip-off, and 3% innovation.