GameFocus: Resonance of Fate Review

GameFocus writes: "There are experiences and then there are challenges. When it comes to experiences, more often than not the end result will be something worth every moment you spent with it. On the other hand, when given a challenge, if you succeed in completing the task, it feels great; but if you can't manage to complete it, your ultimate feeling is one of utter disappointment. Sega's latest JRPG, Resonance of Fate fits into the later category. In a game that requires absolute patience, one where you are constantly learning, it ends up being something only absolute die-hard JRPG fans will enjoy and should be completely avoided by everyone else."

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melkyre3116d ago

I'm at chapter 9 of RoF and i find this review a bit off.
The game story up until now is good.
While it mixes some comic scenes with a gray world, it retains a good atmosphere. What i don't understand of this review is what it is said about the combat system. I think that learning it is quite simple, and using it efficiently is not that hard as well.
Furthermore you can retry a fight if you die (it happened quite a few times for me) and try a different, more approriate approach.
Personally a site that gives 9.2 to FF13 and 6.4 to RoF is not very credible.

BigPimpJayQc3116d ago

...its not the same reviewer either.