PlayStation Move supplementary controller to be called "Navigation Controller"

The secondary controller on the PlayStation Move will be called the Navigation Controller. It does what the name suggests, that is navigating in game.

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gta_manic3117d ago

just praying that Sony doesn't f*ck me over with crazy M$ prices for the Navigator(I'm not calling it "The Navigation Controller")

OnlyOnN4G3117d ago

Call it "NavCon" for short.

claterz3117d ago

Think I'm gonna stick to calling it the sub. Anyway I was hoping Sony would announce that the sub will use motion controll just like the Move but without the Orb. Doubt they wil do that though since it will probably up the price to over 100 dollars, shame :(

RedPawn3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

That is perfect, and that's what it will be called from my mouth for now on.

+1 bubbles ah ah ah

ToothWhiteningFairy3116d ago

teeth please ... under your pillow ..... be nice

RedPawn3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Well nunchucks are two sticks attached by a chain, and I'm guessing the Wii already calls there other piece that, IDK/s.

sikbeta3116d ago

Well, at least it's not Gem-Con...

Ju3116d ago

"sub will use motion controll"

Hm, in that Socom4 videos floating around, I had the feeling that guy is throwing a grenade (or something) with the "sub" - like he'd throw a real grenade. At least basic gyros should be in there (I would hope).

himdeel3116d ago

...then I can just buy another Move and be done with it. He's to hoping they come prepackaged with a game or three.

Noctis Aftermath3116d ago

They really need to package this with the move and pseye and not charge more then $100 for it, you can keep the bonus game, it's for the casual audience anyway.

inveni03116d ago

Holy crap...are people really that stupid? Check the tag on your says "Wireless Controller". Is it a wireless controller? Yes. Is that what it's called? No.

We've got to get smarter people to write for the web.

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LordMarius3117d ago

It will navigate the 360 to last place

Droid Smasha3116d ago

it will navigate into many buttholes

The_Beast3116d ago

whyr u always thinking about that stuff. you should keep it privet to u and ur fellow bots

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Def Warrant3117d ago

Man i'm getting sick of all this motion control nonsense. Give me some more innovative exclusives and leave the rest to the Wii.

Speed-Racer3117d ago

I think sony was kinda late to the game with the Move... at least project natal involves body motion no need for a controller most of the time

Flanders3117d ago


Microsoft's awful ripoff of Sony's old PS2 era motion control tech:

No wonder Microsoft is getting laughed at by the gaming world.

RedPawn3117d ago

I think with Sony's 1st party, and Play, Create, Share campaign going, I think they might pull some new tricks out of the bag.

kraze073116d ago

Stop it with all this motion control stuff. Devs are using up time and resources screwing around with motion control when they can be concentrating on making better games. It amazing how Sony and Microsoft just jumped on Ninten's d!ck once they realized how successful the Wii was. It's not the first time something like this has happened. Both the PS3 and the Xbox360 have far better things going on for them than what this motion control stuff will probably bring.

BISHOP-BRASIL3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )


Not Flanders just owned you but what you uneducated fonboys fail to realize is that the Eye used in the Move is the same that some of us already have, and it didn't loose the hability to track your body once a light bulb is put in front of it.

That's what makes Move the more powerfull tool with bigger potential between the big 3. It combines the 3D Tracker with the 3D Pointer and the Tilt principles (aside from classic buttons, let's not forget them) that Wiimote grabed from 90's 3D mouse, while mantaining Camera based features, which are way less limited (body tracking, face and voice recognition, object interaction and recognition, put your ugly face in a character, etc) and also way less responsive if by camera alone (there is just too much processing in analyzing those 60 pictures per second, differentiate background from interesting objects, separete different objects, tracking an object, recognize it as an human body, give it joint marks, read it's position to only after the game software start to try to fit the position readed as an input and say what the on-screen character should be doing a second or two ago). Move just happens to focus more on those lit up balls that are easier to differentiate and 3d track, while more reliable but limited accelerometers will give the rest of the hard to get information (like the precise inclination, or speed of the movement), but developers can still use Eye old function while using Move, like that fight game and SOCOM 4.

Should be noted that this is just potential so far. We have yet to see final code running with Move or Natal and don't really matter how good or prepared the hardware is, cameras and controls are the less influent part in this entire motion control thing, traslate movement into practical code with acceptable fidelity and speedy is all about software and that will be the real battle ground for developers and 1st party engineers a like. For all we know (demos overviews and videos) PS3 and Move are the more capable around, but code can always be optimized for either console.

Despite of how excited I may look about it, I'm more concerned than interested. Motion controls can add new ways to interact with games (not saying "motion controls = instant innovation", tacked motion control is just glorified gamepad input, press x to jump or do a hookset to jump. input) but they definetely have potential to harm the industry too.

4 years ago everyone was dissing non online MP games, taunting it as the next gen standard feature. Now they are a must, the focus is so serious that many developers prefer to attach a crap MP then dedicate the time polishing the SP. So everyone wanting so bad MP just gave us crap low count MP and capped the SP quality with it. For sure that isn't the case for every game and dev around, but it's already what you see in most average games. Easy to tranlate this analogy to motion controls, just look at Wii and see how wrong could things go when motion controls are forced in every game.

For sure some devs will keep gamepads only, some will design good games around motion, a few will have games that work really well in both controls, but what will be of most games? Dumb down the gameplay to keep it motion compatible while the motion quality don't justify the change?

EDIT: I didn't plan on writing THAT much! LOL. All typed from PS3 virtual keyboard, talk about a pain in the... My USB keyboard just died! I guess I really need to learn to sumarise or when STFU.

n4gno3116d ago

You 've already have innovatives and best exclusives on ps3, so let motion controler's fans have a nice new way to play on the best hardware, if you don't care about it, just don't buy.

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saint_john_paul_ii3117d ago

it would be nice if it carries a motion sensor, like sixaxis and maybe rumble.

Studio-YaMi3117d ago

sub-controller sounds better to me..
or like someone said,NavCon !

ElementX3117d ago

Personally, I don't like NavCon.

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